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How to get UAE citizenship in 2021, announced by the government and comparing with other options

UAE has recently announced that they will start to give citizenship to select few professions and investors. We shall be learning more about the details on this announcement along with more in depth analysis of the citizenship being offered by other countries in the world.

The most sought after category for citizenship would be citizenship through investment and we shall be digging further about this option. It has to be noted that the UAE passport ranks in top 10 pre corona and once things normalizes it will further improve in ranking as recently UAE has a visa free travel agreement with Israel too.

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  1. 6m indians,pak,bangladeshi lives in uae half of them having shops,flats & other properties.u think they give them uae passport? why giving now?After covid when business approves r they gana taken back?
    how long covid remains?
    u have no Answer for that.


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