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H1B Reality – Untold Story | Indians in US | Immigration Struggles | Green card | English Subtitles

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In this video, we will see about the reality of H1b visa and the struggle in obtaining a permanent residentship for Indians in USA

F1 visa process:
Student expenses in USA:

You will get to know about,
h1b in america
F1 visa
life in USA

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  1. Very well said buddy. All your points are exactly true. This was the main reason I decided to return back home last year after spending 9 years in the US (including 2 years in F1, 1 plus years on OPT and 6 years on H1). Its been 1.5 years now, and its been a wonderful experience back in India. For anyone who is worried about moving back to India for good in case something doesnt work out or for personal reasons, I would say dont hesitate or fear as there are plenty of opportunities in the country. Not trying to influence or brainwash anyone. Just want to put this out in case people fear moving back home in case something doesnt work out. India is not the same it was 10 years ago 🙂

  2. B1 b2 visa vatha job search panlam
    Work visa change panlam bro
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    work visa ku agent ell
    Vera yaru help panuvakal solluka Ella
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  3. 100% true. Until one gets greencard, no peace of mind. Same lifestyle in Canada, much less stress and easier immigration. Less money but long term (life long) social benefits far out weigh that of USA. Just a bit colder than the coldest parts of USA! Everything is bright and shiny when we are in 20s and 30s. Suddenly career & children's life take priority and years fly by without us realizing. Something most of us never think of – the next generation born and brought up here (Canada or USA) are NOT Indians and will have ZERO desire to go back after certain age even if parents choose to get them Indian passports at birth because for them India is NOT home. Then parents stay until the children become adults, finish college and get married and may be have their own kids. By then, parents lose their near and dear ones in India and when they are ready to come back, there will be no one left. Heart desires to come back but the loved souls will be gone. So, back to USA to be near the children & grandchildren thinking "I will visit India for 2-3 months once a year at least". Then old age & change in health limit the ability to survive long long flights. There goes the beautiful Indian Dream! Born in India and burried/cremated in USA! BUT our DNA enters the biggest melting pot of the world. There is less than 50% chance that 2nd generation Indian descendants will marry Indians (forget same language/caste/religion). Chances of their children getting married to someone of Indian origin by design is far far less than 50%! Example VP Kamala Harris, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley…. Indians are probably most migrated ethnic group in the world – number of countries, number of people and historically over centuries compared to any other single nationality. Who is going to miss just a few thousands a year while 1,300,000,000 souls are happily thriving back home?

  4. அண்ணா மெக்கானிக்கல் இன்ஜினியரிங் அமெரிக்கால வந்து value இருக்கா மெக்கானிக்கல் இன்ஜினியரிங் அமெரிக்காவில் மாசம் எவ்வளவு சம்பளம் தருவாங்க please answer me Anna

  5. I was tired of living the second grade citizen H1B lifestyle. I moved to Canada in 2006 and became a citizen in in 2010. Living the American Dream in HD in Canada. Unlike USA , Canada does not discriminate based on county of birth. Canada invites immigrants. I applied directly, no attorney required. This year (2020) government announced a target of 1.2 million immigrants over 3 year period.

  6. My cosine not a software engineer, He just a Bsc Grajuate, not a computer professional also, but he & his wife & childrens moved US & now working there. Non IT peoples can work & stay with their family in USA?


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