Home Residency in Schengen Can Brits Remain in the EU with Estonian e-Residency? - Brexit Explained

Can Brits Remain in the EU with Estonian e-Residency? – Brexit Explained

With the day of Brexit creeping ever closer, some Brits are looking for ways to stay close to the EU. One way that you could do this is through Estonia’s e-Residency scheme. We dive into what Estonia offers with e-Residency, and how it could help Brits.

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Estonia’s e-Residency:


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  1. I have lived in Estonia for 14/15 years and I would prompt you to come and view the country as it is beautiful, people are very helpful, most speak English, Tallinn is nice but the countryside is great. The nature is something to behold, forests, empty beaches, forest walks, miles of quietness, small villages and internet access everywhere. If you are wishing to come give me a shout you may do so. Best time to come is June to September as winters can be cold January to end of April . Places to see Tartu, Parnu in summer, Rakvere , Hapsalu , Saaramaa, and many other places.

  2. If you or orher followers of this channel would travel to Estonia, do not just stick to the historic citynof Tallin, but try and include at least also the university city and intellectual heart of the country called Tartu. The national museum there is of world class level and will help to understand this thriving nation. I’m not saying this as a member of the Tartu tourism board, I’m just a Belgian traveller who happens to appreciate a lot Estonia, after having travelled all,over Europe.

  3. I remember hearing from the head of the government digital work in Estonia at a government conference 3 years ago, was really impressed back then, we have made such little progress here by comparison.

  4. a video style vlog from Estonia would be interesting But how long before the EU shuts it down So.. I can sell a shipload of fish to France with no tariffs, from the UK. Hmm that going to go down well with Franch fishermen

  5. It would be interesting to see how this would help British IT services, consulting, software & data analytics firms. This is going to get very messy post Brexit.

  6. I got my replica passport from mr Adrian I was in huge doubt and fear until it was delivered ! But still then I was skeptical I was gonna get arrested until I succeed to get y in Texas without any problem ! I guess he is just a genius . You can get to him through +19142499857

  7. Hey TDLR – Grateful for the intel! As a UK freelancer who normally works in several EU countries, i'm freaking out. I have a couple of questions..
    Can you register as self-employed or does it have to be a business business?
    Would this allow me to be paid and (physically) work for businesses in other EU member states??
    Any help enormously appreciated. 🙂


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