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Applicants get stuck in Portugal‘s Golden Visa program

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is once again back in the headlines. The scheme allows non-European’s a visa in return for an investment in Portugal. Long delays in processing the applications mean many of those who signed up to the program are now living in limbo. CCTV’s Dan Williams reports from Lisbon.


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  1. The problem is false advertisement, Portugal and many European countries have a good image from outside, but in reality they are very moderate and modest countries, people living there just an ordinary life. There are many beautiful better countries, Europe is overpopulated.

  2. I did some researches and here is what I found : they probably got in touch with scammers, or at least liars, because the citizenship is acquired only after 5 years of residency (at least one week a year), passing A2 Portuguese language level and proof of clean criminal records. There is no way to became a citizen after only one year according to the legal context of Portuguese Golden Visa. If they want a faster EU scheme, they can apply to Malta's 1.2 millions € citizenship by investment ; then again, it takes 13 months and clean criminal records.


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