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The Cyprus Papers | Al Jazeera Investigations

A satirical look at the dubious characters and state officials who buy nationality as if it’s a luxury car. Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit obtained a leak of documents that we’re calling The Cyprus Papers.

If you can afford $2.5 million to purchase a passport to Europe, then you’re probably already on someone’s rich list with at least a Porsche in the garage. The leak reveals 2,500 people who paid to become new citizens of Cyprus with the added perk of be able to live and work anywhere from Milan to Monte Carlo.

So who’s on the list? Among the names in The Cyprus Papers are convicted criminals, men on the run and political figures regarded as a high-risk for dirty money.

Find out more about The Cyprus Papers and the strange trade in nationality in our investigative data-story.
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  1. Al jazeera should do an investigation on why Qatar was awarded the FIFA Worldcup 2022.
    They have a great footballing history and playing in 50°c is the perfect playing temperature..
    I'm sure they will welcome Western Women and Gays to the stadiums with open arms.

  2. AL Jazeera In Rest of the World : Modern Day Sherlock Holmes

    Al Jazeera in Qatar : Modern Day Blind-lock Deaf-olmes

    AL JAZEERA IS FUNDED IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THE QATARI GOVERMENT the guardian angels of Justice and Human Rights

  3. What a shame for such a former beautiful island.. Loaded with horrible men, having too high egos. It must stinck heavily on Cyprus! Testosterone overload! 😝 Ugh! 😔

  4. I think you have something personality weed Cyprus! How many country is a corupt in this world? You'll find the small country to destroy ! you should do different way!! The people in this country suffer know the government! Same to you

  5. This is not Cyprus….. in every country you find crooks , killers, thieves and people who trying to find weakness in any system and do illegal things for money… I am a proud Cypriot / European and we leave in democracy and a state where human rights are respected so I am suggesting to focus on more serious matters and especially to your friendly countries like turkey where human rights are not existing … we assure you that we will deal with these crooks in our country and will be in Jail soon …

  6. i've been in cyprus for almost 2 years and i'm from Africa in case you think i'm a cypriot but i've never ever seen any criminals but what i've noticed is that cyprus is one of these countries you can sleep with opened doors without caring about criminals, and you know why ????

    just because there's none

    so Al Jazeera thank you for your waste of time and i'm not sorry for you

  7. Ohh no , I am Turkish Cypriot and given a Cypriot passport by southern Cyprus government with no obligations and property I lived since 1974 belongs to Greek Cypriot family . I must be the one that got away so 100000 plus other Turkish Cypriots that got EU passport they never have to buy any property given free property. so for that reason Varosha would have made a good candidate to generate 64 billion if it returned or Greek Cypriot government

  8. Are you guys just preparing Cyprus to be invaded? You picture it as threat to EU, EU throws it out, turkey invade it as a small leftover, not part of EU anymore and nobody cares, right? About two EU countries – that’s a lie. Not two. And isn’t al jazeera a terrorist organization?

  9. Can you speak about turkey and Qatar how give from isis how give money for AL qaada Who stole Aleppo factories in Syria? Who brought ISIS and al-Qaeda into Syria? Who is protecting al-Qaeda in Syria


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