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EB-5 Visa Investor Q&A with David Selinger on by Chloe

EB-5 Projects Q&A with the Managers of EB-5 Investment Projects. These live broadcasts allow for investors, attorneys and advisors to call in with questions for Managers of EB-5 projects regarding the status of the project, job creation, exit strategy, escrow, past and current visa approvals as well as repayment of principal. These discussions help foster much needed transparency in the industry and allow potential investors and their advisors the opportunity to ask the Managers questions directly, without having to go through agents, finders and promoters creating a more efficient and transparent marketplace.

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-Closed on a capital raise at parent level of $31M with Bain Capital
as the lead investor.
-Opened our first two international locations in London.
-11 stores open with 4 more under construction


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