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The world’s WORST citizenship for sale offer

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  1. Overcrowded repressive country, corrupt and broke, no scenery or safari animals just sand, and Islamic so you can't even party or bang the women. I'll pass.

  2. egypt has: one of the worst passports available, extremely bad political instability, mandatory military service, laughable real estate opportunities and a lack of enticing lanscapes,scenery or beautiful girls to make your stay there more enjoyable. why the hell is this even being discussed?

  3. Its an investment due to the economics surrounding monetary policy. When you deposit something in a bank, the bank now has the ability to lend out 10x the amount of money to the general population. This of course stimulates economic growth as it gives people access to capital to start business / invest in profit producing ventures.

  4. The Egyptian population has every right to refuse foreigners from getting their citizenship, it isn't nonsense. I wouldn't invest in a failing country whose debt is outrageously high and has justified pride in their community like the Japanese and Chinese do after years of being screwed in the ass by their government. Think of doing this and you'll be gutted by one on the street. Stay away from the country and everyone is happy, including Egyptians

  5. Egypt as with most of the middle east at the moment simply doesn't have a stable government. It wouldn't be worth it if it was $100…. Besides, Why would you want to pay the muslem Zakah and Jizya Taxes? I suppose if i had to pick one place in muslem territory to live it would be Marrakesh , Morocco At least if you buy a riad there it(the structure & Land) are tax free.


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