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How to become a resident in Cyprus? Requirements and tips.

This video will be useful for people who want to become residents in Cyprus. I will tell you about the requirements for becoming a resident in Cyprus. Also, I will tell you about applying for the Non-Dom status in Cyprus in this video.

You will learn why Cyprus is such a popular country to become a resident. Also, you will know why Cyprus is attractive to become a tax resident. I will tell you how to become a resident, tax resident and Non-Dom (non-domiciled resident) in Cyprus. I will describe step by step how to prepare all required documents and become a resident in Cyprus. Using these tips you will save time and avoid mistakes in the process of getting residence and tax residence in Cyprus.

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  1. Thank u for this very informative video. But can u plz tell me what will happen to the children after they reach the age of 25? Are they going to simply lose their Permanent residency?

  2. Implications of Australian resident living in Nth Cyprus? Will own Apartment in Esentepe. One Dual British/Australian and none Australian resident.


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