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2019 Green Card Through Marriage Process, Full Explanation + Price, What To Expect

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Link to 2d video about interview:

Hey guys! So this video will explain all of the steps needed to get your green card through marriage– if you entered the US lawfully/legally. If you did NOT enter the US legally, well, I talk about that at the end of the video.

I’m going to tell you exactly what to expect when you go see an immigration lawyer, and what forms they will have you file. I will also go over those forms in the video. I also tell you how much I paid for the process.
Below, I have listed links to the forms you will need, and below that I put the timestamps!

Form I-130 (Petition For Alien Relative:

Form I-485 (Adjustment of Status/Application To Register Permanent Residence:

Form I-864:

Form I-693 (Medical Exam & Vaccination Record:

Income Worksheet:

00:00- 2:05 overview

2:20- 3:05 price

3:06 – Details start (I break down all of the forms)

4:06- 6:03 I talk about form I-130

6:04- 7:28 I talk about form I-485

7:29- 8:01 I talk about form I-864

8:06- 9:27 I talk about form I-693

9:27- 10:06 I talk about if you entered unlawfully/illegally


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  1. Hi,
    Please my husband and I got married about a year now and I want to file for him to get green card, we don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer.
    Is there any site or website we can fill the forms. We have no idea where to file the form.
    Please help. Thank you.

  2. $7k for filing out such simple forms is robbery! That is ridiculous! Please try to do it yourself and you’ll realize how simple it is. So sad that they’re taking advantage of people.

  3. No offense but you got ripped off big time.

    Me and my fiance with our law firm paid $4,300 to the law firm plus the $535 and the $1225. (Not $2,225, that should have been a major red flag if they were putting a fee on top of a fee for the USCIS) That's it.Not a extra hundred dollars just to do administrative work(Administrative work as that should be included with the fees btw). The lawyer came with us no charge by the way it was already included with all the stuff she did for us.

    In total we paid the only $6,260 in total. Before watching this we heard about lawyers doing what the people did to you and heard that that's just a strategy to charge younger couples more money. There's no such thing as administrative fees. Those fees are included in the charge the law firm gives you not separately.

    You guys got used,and taking advantage of you should have found a lawyer that was willing to go with you to the interview without charge or looked at other law firms.

    And before you try to say everything is probably less expensive where I am,I'm in Los Angeles rent here is almost $2,000, and we found an affordable and trustworthy law firm,so tust me you could have found something better.

    Glad everything went well but this is what happens when you don't do your research and look for other law firms. I'm pretty sure you could have looked elsewhere before choosing this law firm.

    As for any one else reading this, please do your research on different law firms before just choosing one off the bat.

  4. Question I have a autistic son who receives social security check im planning to fix my wife for her green card will my son stop getting ssi if my immigrant wife applying for green card thru marriage

  5. been filling out daca myself since 2012, recently got married time to fill all this crap out : dated for 7 year should be a breeze i hope
    edit: forms update on USCIS site FYI

  6. You don’t need a lawyer. I filed my wife’s paper while I was finishing school. I suck with legal paper work, so if I can do it anyone cane do it.

  7. So what if you get married to your spouse if they're living in México? And you marry them in México. There's different forms for that right? I've been doing research. Apparently it's cheaper to marry your spouse in the country first then work on bringing them to the US.

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  9. hi, very helpful video, i have another question
    i worked without my work permit while on my f-1 visa and now i have to file for my green card through marriage. what should i do? what will be the best way to file in my situation?
    thank you

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  11. Hi, I saw that you mentioned in the video paying over $2000 for your I-485. If EAD and advance parole fee are already included in your adjustment of status fee, why did you have to pay so much? Just wondering. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  12. Hii please please answer can I Marry my partner in the US then go back home while they stay behind to start the application or should the wedding only take place out of the US

  13. Wow $7000!!. I had no idea it could be this high. I was interested in possibly dating online that might lead to marriage but if fees could add anywhere close to this it's a no go for sure 😞.
    It was already going to add up to thousands for travel costs and such just to meet.


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