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Why to move to Cyprus?

This video will be useful for people who want to change a place of residence. I will tell you about the residence in Cyprus in this video.

You will learn why Cyprus is a great country to be a resident. I will tell you about my experience in Cyprus. Also, you will know why Cyprus is attractive to become a tax resident. I will tell you how to become a resident, tax resident and Non-Dom in Cyprus. After watching this video you will know the main advantages of moving to Cyprus.

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Contact me for a consultation on your residency, tax residency, Non-Dom or company incorporation in Cyprus.
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  1. Cyprus is nice country but the goverment is corrupt to the fullest and no human rights is respected either if you want good future for your family dont choose Cyprus. Portugal is much better choice if we are going to talk about european countries.

  2. Η Κύπρος είναι η πιο όμορφη χώρα του κόσμου αντικειμενικά, αλλά σίγουρα θα βρισκότανε σε πολύ καλύτερη σχέση αν έφευγαν όλοι οι Ανθέλληνες πανίβλακες αφού εκείνοι είναι για τον πούτσο. Επίσης, για μένα όσοι Κύπριοι αποθαρρύνουν τους Κύπριους της διασποράς να επαναπατριστούν είναι επίσης στόκοι.

  3. Do I have to prove that I was 60 days a year in Cyprus? What if I am less, will anyone check it? If I rent or buy a flat and spend 60 days (2 months) there, can I sublet the flat for the next 10 months of the year to minimize expenses.


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