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Russia the passport for French actor

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree granting Russian citizenship to legendary French actor Gerard Depardieu though it is unclear if the film star had made an official application.

Depardieu recently renounced his French citizenship ahead of plans by the socialist government to introduce a 75 percent tax rate on annual earnings over the million euro mark. Russia has a fixed income tax rate of 13 percent.

The actor has moved to the Belgian border town of Nechin. He is quoted has saying he could count on three countries to welcome him, Belgium, Montenegro and Russia.

The 64-year-old has a close relationship with controversial Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

But the so called “super-tax” in France may not be introduced as the French Constitutional Council last week censured the measure. Gerard Depardieu has said the ruling would make “no difference” to him.

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  1. Do your research idiot and stay away from HuffPo, Current (the Al Jazeera/TYT Network), and The White House briefing with story teller Jay the Carny.


  2. When you have some time please go to my channel and click on that link with E: America turning into Europe.
    Similarities btwn America and EUZone's disastrous policies as seen by The Economist.
    Be safe.

  3. Actually he did release a statement saying that he really liked Russia, its culture and its people, and would be delighted to live there.

    And, 13% vs. 45%? I think there IS a need for Depardieu to go.

  4. UPAMANASS is a failure. He teaches in a public school polluting the minds of the youth.

    All of us who hire and fire know what these teachers put in to the work force. He uses Wikipedia and HuffPo as his sources so his homework is as flawed as his logic.

  5. Maybe those morons that want big gov, never tasted the misery in comunism lmao. I was comparing with other Countrys from EU, that have really huge taxes on profit , some like 30 – 50 %. No wonder all bussyness are fleeying in Asia.
    PS: yes we have only one type of VAT, ( corporate or pers) all are 16 %, the income size doesn't matter can be 1000 Euros or 1 bilion lol, it is same 16%.

  6. "We have 16 % tax on all profits, fix tax if you refer to that"
    Excellent BUT I was referring to VAT (also called sales tax, 5% in CDA and ZERO in the States), how much in RO and rest of EU?
    9 out of 10 YT users also in EU's real life are very much in love with Obama's pro-large govt ideology, I'm a Reagan-like of conservative that's why I have 10+ haters coming after me any time I place comments on socio-political videos.
    Voted twice for Bush, then McCain and Romney.
    Sadly America is changing.

  7. We have 16 % tax on all profits, fix tax if you refer to that. In 2008 we had bigest growth in all Europe over 8 %, and yes companies from west were lining up here and are still doing hugeprofits here.Now they are moving to Asia and Africa, even lower taxes there.
    You created America to get rid of big taxes from UK, what a heck is wrong with you know, is comunism taking over there ?:))
    Big Taxes = Comunism ( masked nationalisation) = poverty .
    Good luck with your huge useless govermnent !

  8. That's not a fact, mate. Rich people use the same cars as not rich people. All people consume. You're not a job creator simply because of your higher bracket. That's a fallacy.

  9. "The idiots from the west with their big taxes"
    VAT in ROMANIA??? Yes I know, the entire West is lining up to come to your "great" country.
    And I do not live in EU, extremely proud of THAT.

  10. Ofcourse Russia is a '' better '' place lmao, if he can have there anything he wants x3 times in Russia then in France, and that only from the tax difference.
    The idiots from the west with their big taxes , will be amazed when all bussyness will leave in East and Asia, and they will be left in their countrys only with poor and homeless idiots.
    High taxes = crime for economy and for those countrys.

  11. But did he, Depardieu, publicly mentioned Russia as a better place than France?
    Did Depardieu specifically ask Putin to be granted Russian citizenship?
    Cause if everything is just Putin's own decision w/o being specifically asked by Depardieu, that's a simple political theatre to give himself a better image after that huge backlash with the adoption law.
    Regardless, France Supreme Court has struck down the "75% tax" law so no need for Depardieu to go nowhere, neighboring Belgium included.

  12. It's all about social justice and the ferocious hate for those that happen to be financially successful. A large segment of Obama's base strongly believes in income redistribution and not much we can do to change that.
    Go to this Euronews video and read the comments if you wish:
    Also don't forget that Euronews and 95% of their viewers (TV & YouTube) strongly believe in the same "values" Obama does, that's why he is so overwhelmingly popular in EU.

  13. It has nothing to do with any whatever business-"friendly" Russia of today, only a mentally retarded person would open a bank account in Mafia-run Russia, this whatever "move" is simply to distract attention from the HUGE international backlash for that despicable new adoption law banning US families to adopt innocent orphan Russian kids.
    What mentally sane mind would ever think to leave W EU and move to Russia and take your money with you as well?


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