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Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain | Documents & Requirements | Everything you need to know!

If you are planning to move to Spain… the Non-Lucrative residency visa will for sure be one of your preferred options. This residence permit allows you to live in Spain for one year (with the possibility to renew), without working.

One of its main advantages is its easiness when it comes to application requirements: you just need to demonstrate the possession of 26.000€ in your bank account and have private health insurance, and the visa is yours!

For whom is the non-lucrative residency visa ideal?
-For those who want to retire in Spain, hence its second name “retirement visa”
-For remote workers who would like to establish in the Spanish territory
-For any individual who wants to live in Spain for one year without working, but then moving to a work permit

For more info about this visa, you can read our full guide:

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  1. Every quote I have had for medical insurance in Spain has clearly stated that it is for residents of Spain. I would not be a resident so how do I get round this catch 22?

  2. Hi, great info. I'm an Australian living and working legally in China for 8 years. All my money is in accounts here . Can I apply here in china or need I go back to australia?

  3. .¿Como se puede copiar el no de tfno y dirección de correo para conectar con su compañía , cuando es imposible recordar esos datos en 2 o 3 segundos.?
    How in 3 seconds are readers supposed to remember and note down the tel. no and contact e mail address?

  4. Hello Balcells group, can a 30 year old apply for this visa? I am planning to do sabbatical (career break) and I want to do it in Spain. Also I hold a Philippine passport, how easy or hard to apply a citizenship after 2 years? Thanks for your assistance.

  5. If a US citizen residing in Germany for a year got a job offer in Spain. Can he apply for working visa in the Spanish embassy in Germany? Or have to fly all the way to the US to apply there?

  6. Wow they double the monies needed can see a lot of people won’t be moving there now How many people spend that amount of money per year just in normal living even if you only just need it in a bank account it’s just to stop people leaving after the uk brexit I think was no where near that figure before

  7. why do we need to extend the visa for two more years? Can you extend it year by year? You also didn't mention that we can apply for the residency after 5 years on non-lucrative visa. Is that true?

  8. hi..! my partner residing in Dubai. could he present a rental agreement at name of both? I live in Valencia. At the Dubai embassy they ask for € 26,000 on the account or more? with this visa Could my partner continue his work in Dubai? Thank you very much for your attention, I will be attentive to your response.

  9. Hi there! My spouse and I are wanting to move to Spain under the Autonomo Visa since my partner is a graphic designer, but we are confused about how I would get my Visa. Would I need to apply for the Non-Lucrative Visa, and if so would that mean I cannot work? I am also self-employed and make money from companies not based in Spain, so would that be allowed under this Visa? Thanks!

  10. Hello i am in Chicago and i have my NIE for Spain but i want to get a non lucrative visa, i need help to complete the form. can you help me and what is the name of the form?

  11. Hi! thank you for the video. So with this visa, we are not allowed to work remotely for a company which is based on other country? Is there any visa for those who wants to live in Spain and do remote work?

  12. I plan on retiring in Spain in 5 years. I plan on getting a non-lucrative visa to live in Spain. I’m from the U.S, and I have real estate that I rent out which is going to fund my retirement. I’m confused on something you said around the 1:00 mark. Am I not allowed to do this?…collect payment from my over seas real estate rental business.

  13. Is there any way to move from Non-Lucrative visa to a work permit? I like the idea of a Non-Lucrative visa, but spending 5 years doing absolutely nothing is not productive for us.

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  15. Hi so if I did understand you right when you apply to get the residency you do not have to move the 26k to Spain for the first year and 52k for the second one at any moment, i can still use my visa card wich is related to a bank account in my country isn't ? As long as I show how much I have on it no?

  16. Ok, I was doing the math of the financial requirements for this visa. When applying for your visa the second time ( after the first year) you need to have the amount in your bank for two years plus more if you apply with family. What I don`t understand is the fact that a non-lucrative visa is for those that have money in the bank (IPREM) or an income/pension to cover IPREM requirements. A family of four for a visa for two years, you must have a total of 80,000 euros in the bank to cover IPREM requirements for two years, right?. Regardless of having a monthly pension to cover expenses (and more) . SO, 80,000 euros in the bank PLUS monthly pension. No thank you, Spain has plenty of issues in every direction, Spain was on the list, not anymore. Every single day an expat invest money into this country, just buying a drink is an investment to the economy. No thanks. I will continue to travel the world but stand ground in the USA. $80,000 can go a long way if you manage your $$$ carefully and in the USA, better investing opportunities , Spain will tax you up the ass for every penny you have. SO glad i took my time researching this lucrative visa. Good luck everyone and do your research carefully.

  17. does spain offer citizenship by investment program? another question is if I have a great great grand father during the year 1800 in spain, can that be valid to apply for spanish citizenship?

  18. Hi. Will it be enough to show that I have a job from another country that pays me more than the minimum amount required instead of having that amount in my savings?

  19. Hi mam i have Uruguay passport can i live and work in Spain legally and after how many times I get temperay residence card.. I don't need visa to enter Spain please help me

  20. Good day, Counselor. My wife and I are preparing to retire to Spain from the United States. We will have around 28,000 Euros annually in pensions, and an additional 18,600 Euros per year from a trust. We have two questions: 1) Is our income sufficient to qualify for the non-lucrative visa; and, 2) Where do we find the necessary health insurance in Spain?


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