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How to become a Spanish Resident as an American

This week I discussed what you have to do to become a Spanish resident


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  1. Hello Don. I am glad your video popped up in my recommendation. Subscribed! You may be able to answer this, not sure. So I am from South Carolina. I work overseas as a contractor in the Middle East. I am planning on buying a house in Northern Spain whenever I can make it there, maybe November-Decemberish. I am planning to eventually become a Spanish citizen, so I do know I need to start off with residency. Do you know if anything will be different for me? I work for a US company so it is technically working in the US?

    Do I need to fly back to the states to apply for my visa or I can go to any us embassy? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Don, can you apply to a job in Spain with a non-lucrative visa or transition after the 1 year? I've been applying but with no luck I think my area is not in the high demand low supply. I have a science PhD and work experience, but my husband is in IT and is a software engineer. What do you recommend.? Thank you!

  3. I found a school that has everything I want to learn and I would save $130k compared to the US . But I would have enough money to pay for school and living there . They need so much more .. I’m stuck

  4. Hi Don, thanks for the info. Question, I live in Florida, so Miami would be the consulate I'd go to. I already have the NIE so I hope with that I can open a bank acct when I go there in September for a couple of weeks. My move will be next year sometime in April or May. So two questions, will I be able to open a bank account with just the NIE and no address in Spain, and for the health insurance, is that something I need to get from the U.S from a Spanish insurance company before I go to the consulate in Miami?
    Thanks Don.

  5. Don, thanks a lot for the info. Questions: can you recommend the company from where you bought the health insurance? Name, cost please? Does it cover dental, vision? For a family of 5, how much income do you have to show? Thanks a lot.

  6. Hello don. I have an NIE and I purchased property in Spain also I own my own company here in the U.S.A I want to apply for permanent residency What do I need

  7. Hi Don I just came across your video because I'm trying to figure out how to move to Spain myself and appreciate the information you provided about the visa process. Thank you! The one thing I'm curious about is how you're getting by on the non-lucrative visa. Are you making $ back in the US monthly or from an internet business or did you just accumulate enough savings?


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