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How to apply for Schengen Visa As an International Student In The UK

Schengen Visa

Hey guys, so today’s video I share on a step-by-step process of applying for a Schengen visa as an international student in the UK. I hope you find this helpful.

Contents of the video:
Requirements for a Schengen Visa application
Cost of Schengen Visa application
Processing time for Schengen Visa
Documents required for Schengen Visa as an International Student

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  1. Hi could u please tell me If I am in uk on study permit and during my holidays if I want to visit France and Belgium for 7days ,3days in France and 3 days in Belgium. How many total pounds I should have in my bank account? And can u tell me rough estimate about the overall expenses ticket, travel, food and stay .what are visa chances of international student to get Schengen tourist visa while studying?. .. by the way wonderful video informative

  2. Many thanks to you Chi, for these informations. Pls I will like to ask, which of the bank statement are you refereeing to when applying for the visa ? Is it the one you use in your application in 9ja or the bank statement you open in the UK ?

  3. Hi. Sorry to bother you. I am looking at the schengen website and the different types are a little confusing. In my case, i plan to visit some acquaintances but i do not have an invitation. Do I go for tourism or visiting family and friends. I'd like to know your suggestion


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