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The Cyprus Papers Undercover | Al Jazeera Investigations

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit exposes how a convicted criminal might obtain a European passport in Cyprus – for the right price. Undercover reporters reveal a two-track citizenship by investment scheme, where “problematic” applicants pay more money. The investigation leads to the highest offices of the Cypriot state, where we are given the blueprint on how to bypass the rules.
When confronted with evidence, all involved denied wrongdoing. They claimed that they had suspicions of the undercover team, that they supported and made a report against the journalists to the Cyprus’ anti-money laundering unit.

Watch our Greek Version:

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  1. The Cypriot Government is taking this very seriously!! You know many arrests were made?? ZERO !!!! Absolutely disgusting ?.
    The corruption and coverup is appalling !!!

  2. I recently saw an article stating that the CIA runs Cyprus, I tried to find it, and it seems it is no longer available, Surely the most repugnant are running this world. It is refreshing to know there are still true journalists working to expose the bastards. Excellent job by Al Jazeera!


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