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Sweden 'Residency Permit' vs 'Citizenship' – How to apply (do it before Brexit)!

Being in Sweden doesn’t give you a right to stay, therefore to protect yourself (especially with Brexit looming) it is wise to apply to Residency and eventually for Citizenship – even if you’ve been here for more than 5 years you shouldn’t assume that you don’t need either in order to stay – use this form to apply if you’re married to a Swede or co-habiting –

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  1. Hello, thanks for the video. I have just received my residency permit but I don't have a PN yet, my question is, now that i have the residency permit does that guarantee /secure my PN? Im from UK.

  2. My brother was a British national and the swedan went off in December 2020. My brother has received an Eu Card there. Can he apply for me? If so, what documents do I have to submit

  3. I have a temporary residency permit for two years started in August 2020, but I am away since 5 months? Will it affect me returning after 4 months more? It’s valid till August 2022. I am married to a Swedish citizen. Please help me with the info! Thank you

  4. Hi, great video and great channel. I'm moving to sweden from the UK in a few weeks with the intention of staying for good. Does this give me enough time to get things in order? I'm worried this if my personnummer and ID card arrives after the transition (31 December) that I won't be able to stay!!! I'm not sure what questions are going to be asked and if one of the requirements is that I have to be in the country for longer then I have been, I have read on the immigration website that aslong as I'm there before the end of the transition then I'm safe but I feel like I'm cutting it fine.
    Any insight on this matter would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  5. From what I’ve heard, PUT granted against EU FOM rules becomes invalid at the end of the Brexit transition period, and you’ll need the new Brexit permit they’re launching at beginning of Dec instead. Better to wait for that process than to encourage people to apply for PUT at this stage.

  6. Thanks for the link. I have only had my personnummer for 2 years so cannot yet apply for citizenship and Migrationsverket say that I should await further information on what to do after the end of the transition period. They say that I am protected by the withdrawal agreement – but now it looks like Johnson is tearing up the withdrawal agreement ! …. so …. biting my nails again! I retired here and do not have a Swedish partner so could be tricky ?


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