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European Citizenship in Challengin Times – Membership Panel

Topic of discussion: How to foster identification with the European Union?


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  1. There are two strong reasons for the EU's "dragging of it's feet" on the Brexit talks and both are as dishonest as the EU habitually is – they are, to a degree, interconnected. Firstly, Britain's exit is a major change, especially financially, but it's nonetheless only one of numerous substantial headaches that The EU has. Brussels hasn't faced these headaches and is reluctant to do it at this time – "make as much noise as possible about the British problem" to keep other tensions hidden. However, they cast their shadow before them and as soon as the Brexit logjam breaks, a number of EU members will feel free to broach some views with Brussels – the immigrant quota proposals. It's evident that the haggling, infighting and unpopularity of all to do with this is already creating a deteriorating situation in mainland Europe – the Mediterranean countries will have their quotas imposed and will say that this is unfair as they face pressure from incoming migrants from Africa. Brussels could propose a regulation quota to such as Austria, Hungary, Poland, France with the addition of those that the Mediterranean countries are unwilling to take and this imbalance won't be acceptable either, driven strongly by the unpopularity of all of this with all European electorates as the illusion of "Middle class refugees from Syria" vanishes in the mist. The Swedish adventure has already made it crystal clear that something over 80% of these newcomers are nothing to do with fleeing conflict and, in reality, have no right to be in any European country at all. They are invaders. In Sweden, these are being described by police as "large, well organised criminal gangs", looting, rape are commonplace and No-go areas have become the Swedish solution. However, it's become difficult to hide that establishing no-go cedes ground when the Swedish police have had to say that they are overwhelmed and cannot cope, these towns are becoming lawless and uncontrollable throughout Sweden and police are resigning in numbers because it's too dangerous. After almost a year of being abandoned in this way, the Swedish population is rightly angry and the Swedish parliament is currently considering ways and means to deal with this militarily. The now-quite-some-time-ago Swedish campaign to present the interlopers as benign in Ikea adverts and the "'phone a Swede campaign" is history, all of Europe knows that the Calais "Jungle" has moved rather than been eradicated, attempting any initiatives for children is futile as they are "disappeared" by the opportunists that steal their places and no enquiry of any kind asks what happened to them, and parts of Europe are simply the playground of of large numbers that have no right to be in Europe at all. Add to this the difficulty in the quota idea of imposing destinations on these arrivals when they can say that they were invited by Germany and Sweden under the promise of a new European life of opportunity and therefore don't want to go to Hungary or any such, where they will not be welcome.

    All of this is current or coming, none will go away because there are so many newcomers and nowhere to put them where they will not be a nuisance – they cannot be deported, invited as they have been and European law being what it is. As one EU big-wig said, this is going to take decades to resolve – it's doubtful that either Europe or the EU have decades because, avoid it as one will, it is becoming more and more clear that the EU has substantially thrown Europeans to the wolves, life is changed in many places and not for the better. Inevitably, elected governments are coming under pressure from this discontent as the centrist-loaded coalitions that typify Europe are beginning to buckle. The separatism of Yugoslavia-as-was is back – Scotland, Bavaria, Catalonia, as a new way forward is sought. Typically, the "Brussels" solution is to put its head in the sand by banging the drum about the British – Europe is in difficulty and it has deteriorated in the last three years particularly.

    The origins of these troubles lay in the past but in sum, Europe is very weak. Historically, it should be clear enough that a strong Europe isn't possible without a strong and unified Germany but other European countries will not allow this. The solution to this was NATO but many (most) European countries haven't been paying their bills, have neglected any but the most basic "homeland" security and the EU has equally neglected this both in its token-only support for NATO and it's recent flip-flopping about a mooted "European Army" by 2025. Oblivious of the rest of the world in its eagerness to avoid any recurrence of European war, Europe has collectively left the door open to invasion both in terms of military strength and in it's typical political ideologies that have accented always that we want no more war and we will instead address matters such as green issues, liberalism, disarmament and productivity, a "beacon" of civilisation to the rest of a largely-unresponsive globe. Europe's comparative ease and wealth is its undoing because it is undefended.

    The English Channel and Britain's exit are clearly excellent things but risks remain. Theresa May did no good by calling a surprise election, no good by her avoidance of the Conservative party in favour of advisers that had little or no relevant experience and has weakened her own position and that of a Britain that has been clear that it wants to leave the EU. A door is open to Jeremy Corbyn and he is unfit for office because he suffers more than most from the Post-War European delusions that have led to to so much trouble in Europe. As a pacifist, he belongs in a life that a person with such principles could have (a church minister, perhaps) but these ideas are disastrous in politics. The maxim is "If you want peace, prepare for war" – this is not a desire for belligerence but a recognition of deterrent keeping things civilised much better than high-falutin' principles. Mr Corbyn is very dangerous (in may countries he would be summarily dismissed as an idiot pipe-dreamer) and David Cameron's and Theresa May's misjudgements have been equally so. The rest of the world is not Europe.

    She said it – Brexit means Brexit" and "No deal is better than a bad deal" – there is no case of any kind for negotiating with a derelict and delusional Europe and sovereignty is not for discussion. If Europe has historically failed in it's security, all the more reason that Britain sees to its own. Get on with it and no more twaddle about a doctor looking up my bum or what I can or cannot call a pregnant woman. Build houses, idiots.

    Why do these people want these jobs? Do they like giving themselves headaches, do you think? The EU can fuck off.


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