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Which Countries Don't Allow Dual Citizenship?

When Can You Be Stripped Of Your Citizenship?
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Many Americans belong to two countries, but other nations do not allow dual citizenships. So where is having two nationalities prohibited?

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  1. Sir I have a question what about if you born in Dutch land but your parent are dominican they didn't give it to you cause your parent didn't apply for citizens.But now they are in America legal and become citizen you get your citizenship from your parent can the child has the dutch citizenship? Really confuse.

  2. I really hope Japan changes their dual citizenship laws in the future. I have citizenships with Japan and the United States and I would eventually like to live in Japan at some point, but I assume that the easiest way is to do this before I turn 22 instead of staying in the US for my college years then becoming a Japanese citizen again in the future. 😔

  3. The Reason they allow duo citizenship is they want your money. They want you to invest or bring your money in. There are no free cookies.

  4. Why would a US citizen renounce their citizenship ? To avoid paying taxes ? Mmm I guess they were the super wealthy. Who are selves and don't want to use those taxes to help others.

  5. Talk more about these duel citizenship and what countries more slower talking too fast. Show us the list of countries. Like an instructor would so we don't think your just trying to get clicks !!!? Seriously ,

  6. At 2:43 you mark Venezuela as restricting dual citizenship however I couldn't find any sources confirming this, I even found an article from the immigration department of government explaining that even if you have multiple nationalities you only need to prove Venezuelan citizenship to enter. Which to me suggests that it is allowed.

  7. you used a picture of the President of Ukraine to illustrate russian policy on dual citizenship. like really? are we a joke to you? he holds passports of russian soldiers (captured ones) as a proof of russian aggression in Donbass. they are literally trying to eliminate us and you play along by not telling us apart. great job!

  8. My best friend was born in the Philippines with a Philippines citizenship, but then she moved to Singapore and in gaining her Singapore citizenship, she lost her Philippines one. Put then she moved to New Zealand and had to give up her citizenship again for a new one, not because NZ doesn’t allow dual citizenship, but because Singapore doesn’t.

  9. I'm a dual citizen of Slovenia and the US because my mom is Slovenian so I was born into citizenship. I also can claim Canadian citizenship since my dad is Canadian.

  10. Mexico is the best country in this respect…. Once you are born Mexican or your parents are Mexican by the constitution you are automatically Mexican for life and it does not matter how many other nationalities you hold or acquire… You always have your homeland no matter what!…

  11. Nationality
    Relationship of individual and state from the International aspect.
    A person with nationality becomes “National”.
    It is based on the political, ethical or racial concept
    It can be acquired by inheritance, birth, parentage, naturalisation, marriage, or repatriation

    Relationship of individual and state from Internal aspect
    A person with citizenship becomes “Citizen”.
    It is based on the legal or juristic concept.
    It can be acquired by birth, inheritance, registration, marriage or naturalization.

  12. In China, if one of your parents is a Chinese citizen, you can hold the foreign passport and the Chinese 'travel pass' that allows you to enter China without visas. (However you are still considered as a foreigner and do not have any citizen rights) Before turning into 18, you can choose to give up one citizenship.

  13. If you have japanese and other nationalities, until 22 years old you have to choose one but not automatically lost japanese one. Actually lots of japanese keep holding multiple nationalities after 22y and there are no penalties.

  14. Japan does recognize dual citizenship if you are born with it.
    They make you sign a document at city hall when you hit 21 saying you'll keep the Japanese citizenship and will try to renounce any other but that's all it is.
    The immigration law clearly states that they expect you to work on trying to renounce other citizenships, but there are no penalties for keeping other citizenships if you are born with it. Realistically there's no way Japan can force people to renounce other citizenships (would be a serious international incident) and they cannot take away your Japanese citizenship.

    That said if you obtain another later in life, at that point by law you are no longer a Japanese citizen(in this sense they don't recognize dual citizenship).
    Btw in this case, Japan is not taking away your citizenship, they view your obtaining other citizenship/s (ie not born with it) as a renouncement of the Japanese one.

  15. I have 2 passports aiming for 3. I am born in South Africa, but my Mom was born in Portugal. So I got 2 passports there. I am currently trying to get into the UK, and make it my primary residency in the future, hopefully gaining 3 citizenships.

    Edit: Fun fact, I lucked out hard, because I can go to Russia visa free on my South African passport and I can go to America visa free on my Portuguese passport. Making my privileges extremely rare.

  16. Slovakia also restricts dual citizeship. You can be a dual citizen by birth or by marriage but not in other cases. The law was passed right after Hungary allowed granted citizenships to all ethnic Hungarians, thus making the cca. 500.000 ethnic Hungarians of Slovakia eligible for Hungarian citizenship.

  17. This entire channel is full of inaccurate or partial information. I have had residency in China for 25 years but don't have (or want) citizenship. I'd have to give up my UK citizenship and passport! China is by the strictest country prohibiting dual citizenship, but this channel ignores it.


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