Home Caribbean and Vanuatu LIFE in SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS? 🇰🇳 (ft. Geography Now)

LIFE in SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS? 🇰🇳 (ft. Geography Now)

Life in the SMALLEST ISLAND COUNTRY in the Caribbean is very different from how most of us are living our lives. How do you find the life here in Saint Kitts and Nevis?


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  1. Lawd Av Mercy! St.Kitts has become a Devil Nest for Gentrifiers…..They’re gonna revel in all that beauty and natural resources because the Government is ignorant to the Evil the outside world possesses, selling the country to bloodsuckers. Even Asians are all over St.Kitts posing as Citizens. God Forbid!

  2. Thanks for visiting my beautiful island!! I had a friend who didn't know she had a sprained ankle because of drinking Killer Bees for 2 days straight.

    Two things….St. Kitts and Nevis don't have separate flags each. There is one official flag. The Nevis flag is only used when when St. Kitts and Nevis compete separately in events.

    The buildings aren't abandoned because of anything to do with our CBI program.

    1.Sometimes people start projects and are unable to finish them due to financial issues.
    2. People die and either have no one to inherit the property or its in family dispute
    3. People migrate to different countries. Sometimes never to return. They make a life out there and in alot of cases their descendants either don't know there is property or are not interested in living here or doing anything with the property.
    4. Some of them are part of old plantations. The owners went back to Europe to live…..or migrated to other countries such as USA. Again some of the descendants of the owners don't even know about them…. some don't care.


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