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Italian Citizenship By Marriage Overview (Jure Matrimonii)

Italian citizenship by marriage (AKA Jure Matrimonii) can be a great option for those who are of Italian descent with a non-Italian spouse who wants to live in Italy or anywhere else in the European Union. This form of citizenship through naturalization is one of the simpler forms of acquiring Italian citizenship, although there is still some work. This is an overview of some of the process and does not include all of the information. This is simply to let you know what is ahead if you choose to go down this path.

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  1. Hi Rafael! So I’m gathering from the addendum to your video that a B1 language certificate is not required if the Italian spouse gained Italian citizenship through a court 1948 case? Thank you!

  2. So my boyfriend was telling me he bought me a necklace that has a pendent that is meant to break and dissolve in water or wine at a wedding. He didnt meantion what the necklace was called, but i really want to know can you please please tell me if you know.

  3. So I’m only American, but I do speak italian just because I feel in love with the culture, and I’ve studied there, is there any path for me to move there and get citizenship possibly?

  4. My boyfriend and me are dating for two years now. We have had the long distance relationship for a year. So far, we have decided to move together in Italy. Is that possible that we can apply for the unmarried couple visa in Italy? Or the only way is for me to study in Italy? I am not an EU citizen btw. It would be much appreciated that someone is going to share some information with me. Thank you,.

  5. – Grazie Rafael! Although I got married in the UK, I transcribed the marriage in Italy instead of the Italian consulate. The consulate in London takes a long time to process documents.

    – I am learning Italian so I can do the language test. My only issue is the time frame which I never understood why it takes a really long time to decide whether I should get the citizenship or not (48 months). That's the same amount of time I took to finish my PhD degree haha

    – Question: as my partner is Italian, I am assuming my child will automatically be Italian? And how to get my kid an Italian passport?
    Many thanks.

  6. Hello Rafael! I would like to share that I had applied for my Italian citizenship in May 2018 in India, New Delhi. I had received an email from the consulate. As per them those who had applied before the rule had changed need not to present the B1 level language certification. The language requirement is for those who have applied after the rule was applied.

  7. hi! pls i wnt to knw 1 thng that my hsbnd hs been applied for italian citadinanza since augst 2018.nw heres anews tht the prsn who z applyng 4 citadinanza needed to obtain b1 certificate.i jst wnt to hv a clear answr tht should we also need b1 coz we hv applied citadinanza b4 ths rule.plsssssssssssssssssss rply me must coz m vry dpresd about ths.i shl b thnkful 2 u

  8. Thank you for this! It is good to hear info confirmed. I'm an American married to an Italian. We, currently, are residing in the US and were married here. In this case, the marriage cert and any birth certs of the couple's children should be filed in the Italian citizen's commune before getting started (if anyone is in my situation). That alone can take a few months. I am currently waiting for that filing to process. Also, you have to give official copies from vital records, not copies of the originals. They will not return your docs. Just wanted to share for others who are trying to make up from down with the whole process.

  9. Do you know if the B1 languange proficiency requirement is also required for Jure Sanguinis? Some sources say that it is, others do not so it's a bit confusing. Thanks for all the great info!

  10. After all that effort to gather the documents to prove my father was still an Italian citizen at the time of my birth, I'm ashamed I didn't know that that is how one pronounces "apostille:.

  11. My fiancé is from trentino and we are getting married in June. I’m Australian and both of us want to try moving to Trento as we want to try life over there so this video is so relevant to me. We want to go there in the next 1.5 years as we plan on travelling Asia. Do you have any resources where I can read up on the process? Thanks so much for the vid!

  12. A wile back the cost was €200 but was not payable in local currency at the consulate (Canadian dollars in this case). The 200 € had to be deposited via a bank draft deposited directly to an account in Rome. Then you needed to keep proof of that deposit when applying at the consulate. I have seen most of your videos….great job keep it up. (a) Could you do a video on 1948 cases (refresher if already done…I haven’t seen on) and (b) Italians born and living abroad have slightly different rights than Italians who emigrated. Healthcare while in Italy and Italian home ownership comes to mind….don’t know if any other. Cheers 👍

  13. Hey man! Honestly appreciate all your videos and its definitely keeping my moral up! I have to go through my maternal line so it's quite expensive but! I will definitely help out with the channel with once money becomes a bit less tight. Thanks for helping keep my head up through all this.

  14. Hi Rafael, another great and interesting video on an important topic! I am glad to hear about the language requirement. So technically , an Italian citizen de jure sanguinis born outside of Italy has no language requirement, but his/her spouse in applying for for Italian citizenship is required to have and intermediate level knowledge of Italian. Very interesting indeed! Secondly, just as a reminder, people should know that all foreign documents presented to the consulate or comune need to be translated into Italian. Lastly, I know Italy recognizes same-sex marriages, but I wonder what kind of reception one would get registering it in a small Comune in the South? Have a great weekend! Ciao


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