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Family-Based USA Immigration. Green Card – Based on Relatives.

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  1. madam my mother dead i applied humatriean base i appovefd immigrations alldreay my both brother usA citzen and mother' expired usA citzen she filed us now my question is my son age 24 he my only son iallready applied humanitarian base they approved me and my son but told me pay viza fees my not my son

  2. My husband is a permanent residents of usa. He applied for me, just 3 months ago..
    If I give birth to a baby now, then what will be the arrangement for my child for usa visa?

  3. Hello, I am from Morocco I applied for my brother twin 9 years ago when he was single and aproaved but now got married and has a child I heard from Morocco 15 years to come united States how if I hire lawyer can be under like between 10 or 11 and know married has child can you please give some advice thank you.

  4. Hi 👋 I have my uncle he is a US citizen he sponsored my mom for the green card since 5 years at that time I have 14 years old that's why he added me to the folderwhen he will give the answer I will be 28 years old. Can I get my visa too?

  5. Dear Nataliya my relative is a USA citizen , I have to fill up the I 130 form & submit to the USA embassy or my relative should apply for me in the USA ?………………..appreciate your kind reply . thank you


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