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euronews U talk – European citizenship: The death of nations?



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  1. I found data on internet that 25% of children born in UK are from woman that were not even born in UK. I like how you dont mention Pakistan but only eastern europeans, probably because of Poland. You dont understand that ALL europeans have low birth rate, and that every country in europe will be flooded with immigrants if birth rates are below 2 kids per family.

  2. The old kind of nationalism is dead. Under regionalism, Europe can become a true superpower, Integration is not just the current reality and it is inevitable. If Europeans to have a peaceful future, it can only come through political unity. The same applies to the world in general (in the long term, obviously).

  3. You destroyed you're own country, if you want to rule yourselves you have to fend for yourselves AND suffer the consequence's. We did, most countries did. There are millions of unemployed in western Europe, we do not need the eastern Europeans. Go and build your own house and have someone walk in it and think it is there's, see how you like it.

  4. Maintaining separate national economies while tying them together with a single currency is the flaw in the European Union model. Either return to separate currencies, or abandon the idea of national economies and create a true European Union.

  5. Fuck you, i pay taxes so young people from my country can get education and than they leave the country. From less educated you get workers who do the job for less money, and also you get pretty and cheap prostitutes. You totaly destroyed small countries in Eastern Europe. Now we have old people and low birth rate just like Germany and other western countries. In the future you will only get immigrants from Africa and Middle East.


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