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US Green card for Indians | No Country Quota | S386 HR1044 | Ivlothan America

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In this video, lets talk about new bill S386 that passed in senate

This bill will support removal of country quota for green card which will favor Indians

Let’s discuss in detail why there is backlog only for China and India

You will get to know about
US Law making Process

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  1. Not being a pessimist but sharing for awareness – I've been following from 2007 such kind of bills about the elimination of per-country cap or stapling a green card to the certificates of US graduates that never have reached the President's desk for approval. From 2007 there have been such bills in "every session" of Congress (7 sessions from then till date). Its raw politics and lobbyists who will never let it happen. If the USA wanted a sensible solution for legal immigration, the Diversity Immigrant Visa (lottery green card) category should have been abolished a long time ago. The existence of that visa category makes no sense in 2020 but that would never even be considered due to its greatest support from the Black Caucus. This bill that you are referring to cannot be approved by Biden coz when he swears in as President on Jan 20th, there will be a new Congress who have to start over from square one. That said, it is the Biden administration that has the best chance of implementing a legal immigration policy that could benefit the long awaiting Indians.

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