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Nicola Sturgeon warned independence could spark citizenship chaos in Scotland and UK

Nicola Sturgeon warned independence could spark citizenship chaos in Scotland and UK

NICOLA STURGEON’s dream of achieving Scottish independence could spark a citizenship crisis in both her country and the UK, a political commentator has claimed.

In March, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confessed the figures in the SNP’s economic blueprint for independence are “completely out of date” despite demanding a second referendum before updating them. The SNP leader admitted the party’s 2018 Growth Commission, written before both the COVID-19 pandemic and the final Brexit deal, is no longer reliable. However, she said there would be no new analysis conducted until the eve of a second referendum
Ms Sturgeon reiterated the claims during a fiery exchange on BBC One’s Andrew Marr show this morning, in which she confirmed the SNP had not done any modelling on the impact that leaving the UK would have on incomes.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Ian Murray immediately criticised the First Minister, as he argued the SNP are withholding the figures as they know “it’s likely to be bad news”.

The impact that leaving the UK would have on incomes is not the only thing the SNP is not providing an answer for, though.
In a recent report, political commentator and founder of the strategic analytics consultancy Diametrical Ltd. Andrew Willshire, claimed “citizenship” is another issue Ms Sturgeon’s party has not given much thought to.
Mr Willshire warned it could actually spark a crisis in both Scotland and the UK.

He explained: “Let us assume that independence day is upon us and that somehow Scotland has been able to negotiate acceding to the EU without a decade in the wilderness.

“The time has come to decide who gets Scottish (and therefore EU) citizenship as a matter of right.

Who passes the test?”

The franchise for the independence referendum includes everyone legally resident in Scotland, regardless of nationality.

It should surely be assumed that all of those people would be granted Scottish citizenship, Mr Willshire noted, as if they weren’t, their votes could not be reasonably counted in the referendum.

He added: “Such an expansive offer of citizenship would certainly fit with the SNP’s view of Scotland, even if it doesn’t chime with the view of most Scots.

Next, would Scottish nationals resident elsewhere in the UK (such as myself and 750,000 others) be entitled to Scottish citizenship?

“We are currently denied a vote on whether we want it to exist at all, but it would surely be hard to refuse it.

“But would it be automatically conferred or would we have to apply? What about spouses and children? And what of the many millions of British people who could claim Scottish citizenship based on recent ancestry? Even a conservative estimate would put that number at many millions.

“Scotland could be the first state where a majority of its citizens were not actually resident in the country, a bizarre state of affairs for a new country to find itself in.”

From the British side, the political commentator argued, it is also confusing.

He said: “It is not clear that the rest of the UK would permit dual citizenship as a matter of right — doubt has previously been cast on the matter (to the disdain, bewilderingly, of the SNP).

“Ireland provides some precedent, with all Irish citizens born before 1949 automatically being British subjects (which is why Terry Wogan could be knighted), but more recent examples, such as the dissolution of the Soviet Union, would require people to choose one or the other.”

Mr Willshire concluded: “Given the fundamental importance of such matters, it would be nice to think that the Scottish Government would have some clear answers or at least some clear aspirations.

“Unfortunately, it seems that citizenship is destined to join the currency, the border, the constitution, the EU, NATO, and every other item of consequence in the ‘too hard, wait till after the referendum’ bucket.

“Still, at least we know what the flag will be.”

In a recent interview with Express.co.uk, Alan Winters, director of the Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex, argued there is something “very perverse” in wanting to end a 300-year-old Union in favour of the EU.

Mr Winters said: “It would be costly on both sides.

“More costly for the Scots for sure but it would also be a massive, massive politThe study noted that rejoining the bloc would be more beneficial than remaining in the UK “only if independence is sufficiently trade-destroying that the rest of the UK becomes a less important trade partner for Scotland than the EU”.


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  1. She needs kicked out of politics independence is all she cares about not us Scots. Independence is what I want but the fact that she is trying to get us back into the EU is the last straw. She needs to go

  2. I am Scottish and I have lived in England for 40 years my mother was English my dad Scottish I should be able to vote in a Scottish referendum as that will affect my citizenship.where as someone from Europe who has come over for 5 years will be able to vote .my ancestors will turn in there graves that foreign people will have more right to vote in a referendum than me. Will I need a passport to visit relations in Scotland.

  3. She can stick her Scottish citizenship where the sun don't shine! I would rather give up my council house in Scotland, and go homeless in England, than hold a Scottish passport.

  4. We will have our RAF navy and army back and the submarines and all the jobs back in England too I like Scotland lived there in my raf days loverly people loverly friends loverly country please stay friends with us

  5. Now is the time to vote accordingly, the prospect of this seriously dangerous party with all their bribing gifts of free this that and the other is all just that, bribery to attract voters. The bottom line is all the so called freebies have to be paid for. The people who pay are all those who pay tax now and whatever anyone pays now, will only increase enormously in an Indy Scotland. the figures don't add up. Bad Prime Ministers can be voted out, independence is forever, a life sentence!!

  6. Sturgeon just ignores true Scotts ANYWHERE in the UK and goes with citizens living in Scotland who have come mainly from eastern Europe.
    What kind of a politician is she ?? Its so wierd !!

  7. It's a matter of 'when' and not 'if'.
    Republic of Ireland is a flourishing country. So will the Republic of Scotland.
    No point hanging on to a dying decayed entity that is UK. It's a broken country.

  8. Employed Scottish citizens living in the England would they retain their employment rights or right to reside? Mass immigration into Scotland of the homeless and unemployed.

  9. All the points raised are very relevant, but this is over the heads of the vast majority of SNP voters. They are, God bless them, very patriotic, socialist, but regrettably not very bright! You must start talking to the SNP voter in language they can understand, or Scotland will vote for independence not realising what this will mean in terms of their wellbeing!

  10. I'm British. My father was Scottish, my mother is half Welsh and half English. My children are even more Scottish than I am as there father is Scottish. I would demand my rite to hold a passport reflected my British ancestry.

  11. Reform uk party full of ex conservatives, just another torie party Scotland doesn’t need …
    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? vote SNP and give your second vote to Alba …????????????????????????????

  12. A lesson in democracy.
    The Scottish people had a referendum on independence in 2014.
    The Scottish people rejected independence in 2014 and voted to remain part of the UK.
    The UK then had a referendum on leaving the EU in 2016.
    The UK voted to leave the EU in 2016.
    This is democracy at work, like it or not.
    The snp didn`t like ANY of the results of that democratic process, so they demand another vote on independence and want Scotland to join the EU.
    Its obvious to me the snp only like democracy when it goes their way.

  13. I hope they get their independence, its the only way to stop the SNP spoiling the atmosphere in the country. They will of course make an unholy mess of their economy and probably, when this is clear, will come back wanting to join the UK again. They do not deserve help though with their endeavours indeed I suspect that there would be bad blood and difficulties around the border and trade generally.

  14. No costings no economic strategy and we will tell you what we are doing after you vote for us, that’s what the nationalists are saying, and some Scots are going to vote for her, remember when they used to tell jokes about the Irish,

  15. Heading for hyper inflation, recession, depression, mass unemployment food shortage due to centralised banking printing monies hand over fist. Scotland forced into self-preservation the alternative is austerity for the next 20 years set by ultra right wing government of the UK. A malthusian catastrophe ahead. Wake up Scotland time to be proactive not reactive. Take control of Scotland's destiny. Scotland can only win. YES.

  16. Unfortunately too many Scots are not sufficiently interested in politics to understand the impact independence would have on them. No business plan from Scurgeon as she knows there isn’t a viable one. No lessons learnt from Brexit ( vote now, think later !!). SNP are aided by anti English racists, the lying buffoon in number 10 and a media that seems to be bought and paid for. Surgeon has the blood of many thousands she sent back to care homes, the same ones who would have no doubt voted against her ! Would she have thought about that or cared !!! She is so evil that this can be a question for consideration

  17. Whatever Scottish peaple vote for, they should be given and left to get on with regardless of there choice, there will be a little hardship for a few years, dont forget what you go through wont affect Sturgeon or her politicians as they will be on tbe eu gravy train getting paid by the eu and out of your taxes. She and the s snp will get by on the equivalent of £150.000, plus perks. If you chose to leave good luck and bon voyage.

  18. If Sturgeon seriously believes I will give up my Uk passport for some inward thinking, nationalist one, she can think again. Even if i have to move south, I will not give up my British citizenship.

  19. I thought I was the only thick one when it came to the question of what the SNP/Scotland actually want over and above what they already have? Some folk are now asking the same question…So, what DO they actually want please? (apart from a shed load of money)


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