Home Residency in Schengen Greek permanent residency - 250,000 € is enough

Greek permanent residency – 250,000 € is enough

€250,000 in Greek real estate is enough to grant permanent residency and citizenship option to all family members


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  2. To all out there! My name is Themis Tsopela and I am an attorney in Greece, with expertise in immigration law and my business called Greek Easy is involved with the Golden Visa program and other investments through property acquisitions for non-EU citizens! This video couldn't be more vague and misinformed! With the Golden Visa you can obtain a 5 years Greek residence permit for the individual and their families. You are not eligible for work, only if you want to set up a business in Greece and maintain shares in that business or be a director and in order to get Greek Citizenship you need to live and reside in Greece for at least 7 years provided that within the first 5 years you are not to be away of total of not more than 10 months and not more than 6 continuous months!!! If you are interested to learn more about investing in Greece through property please do not hesitate to contact us through our website http://www.getgreekvisa.gr, where you will find useful information for the third national and our business and our contact information!!!Have a lovely day!!! 🙂


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