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8 Best reasons to retire to Montenegro! Living in Montenegro!

8 Best reasons to retire to Montenegro! Living in Montenegro! This is a popular destination in the Balkan Peninsula, a place to enjoy the sunny skies and a slower pace of life with it’s abundance of natural beauties. Would Montenegro be your retirement destination?

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  2. We are from Denmark, and my father in-law had a business trip to Montenegro (We are talking about a man that has traveled the whole world, and that is a successful international businessman). I remember him coming back and saying that he fell in love with the country, especially with the place called Sveti Stefan. He also made a contact with the local Real Estate Agency, named J&M Consultancy [ jmconsultancy.mne@gmail.com ]. He says they are extremely professional and reliable, and that he, with their help, already made some High-Level Big investments in Exclusive and Luxurious Real Estate. If anyone was in search of a trusted and professional Real Estate Agency in Montenegro, hope I helped 🙂

  3. Hi Ronin Blue – My name is Frank – Awesome Introduction; and Yes for Retirement and looking for Business Development Opportunity as well if possible, Thank You for all you have done.

  4. Too much variance in prices. I need a monthly rental of no more than 300 USD per month. Any more than that is only a bargain if you are moving here from Los Angeles or San Francisco.

  5. Great informative vid! You mentioned foreign residents do not pay income tax of their income earned outside of Montenegro. I am not finding any info on that anywhere. Where did you get that tit bit?


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