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What is the Difference Between Residency and Citizenship?

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Surprisingly, many people don’t know the difference between residency and citizenship.
They often ask us ”Will I get an American passport if I marry an American?”.

People often don’t understand these important terms, and they mix them.

It is very important to make these things clear. Even though it would be nice if you got an American passport (citizenship) as soon as you marry an American, it is not that easy. First step of living in a foreign country is getting their residency. In many cases, residency can lead to citizenship.
This, of course, will depend on the country. In some countries, you will never be able to get citizenship no matter how long you lived there. In others, it will be much easier.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. About Caribbeans can someone obtains two Caribbean passports. Lets say he applies for Dominica and travels with it for a while and after 3 years he understands going to China freely is more important that he thought before and he applies for Grenada citizenship. Is it possible or CARICOM does not allow?


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