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Tom Hanks Given Honorary Greek Citizenship

The Greek government has recognized the Oscar-winner for his efforts to promote Greek culture.


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  1. Wow! I just learned that Greece is one of the largest shipping countries in the world (containers by sea). Now we understand hanx decision to move to Greece – to become a shipping agent for his friends back in the old U.S. (oh and the Caribbean). Great discounts for the Clintons, Bushes, Gaga, Madonna, Bidens, Podestas, Spacey (or is he in jail yet?), Ellen, Oprah, etc. Lost toddler mitten? Well he'll find the matching hand (and arm, and chest, and…) for you but you better run fast, as this discount will not last for long.

  2. We are proud to be Greeks!
    We love and respect Tom Hanks because he is a very well educated man and one of the greatest Hollywood actors of all times…p.s. We hate pedophiles in Greece,so we hope all those rumors to be proven wrong!

  3. Is it an honor to receive a Greek Citizenship,…??? I am Greek and this is a stigma for me! I am not proud at all.

    A few days ago someone posted an article on Facebook, about a poor Greek mother, which was begging for some milk and warm clothes for her children. This is Greece of 21th Century,…

  4. Maybe he will move there since he’s so disappointed and vocal about the current US President. Just one more Hollywood actor making millions who’s quick to bad mouth Trump when he hears his city has bad government that has led to all the homeless people living on the streets. Hollywood actors quickly defend against the obvious but do little to help the situation.


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