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The 6 Best English-Speaking Countries You Can Retire To

Many are reluctant to move abroad because they fear they won’t be able to learn a new language or simply don’t want to. Kathleen and Lief share 6 countries where English is spoken so you can take this point off your list of reasons not to move overseas. Below you can find the countries recommended and the timestamps:

1:04. Belize. Formerly a British colony, Belize’s official language is English. Here, people are welcoming, open-minded, and eclectic. Plus, the country offers excellent residency programs.

3:19. Ireland. The people of Ireland are very friendly and open-minded. If you want to retire here, you do have to consider the weather. Also, residency is harder to obtain compared to other countries.

6:15. Malta. Malta is also a former British colony and therefore, its official language is English. The country has four residency programs and it’s conveniently located in the middle of the Mediterranean making it a great base for travel.

7:57. Playa del Carmen, Mexico. If you want a Caribbean lifestyle with the amenities of a 5-star resort, Playa del Carmen might be for you. Here, the infrastructure is well developed and there are all sorts of activities you can do.

9:49. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is the most developed choice on the Pacific coast. The weather is similar to the one in Southern California. A plus of Mexico is the easy residency options and the closeness to the U.S.

11:50. The Algarve, Portugal. Although it might be beneficial to learn some Portuguese, English is widely spoken in this area and you can get by with just English. The towns in Algarve are affected by seasonality, so you do need to research how winter affects each town. Overall, it’s a great option that checks all the boxes for retirees, including easy residency.

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  1. I don’t think your informations are updated or recent. I’m also curious if you have been to these countries you mentioned, crime rates in these countries should be included in your analysis so those watching your blog have better guidelines & adequate knowledge on what you are trying to convey. There should be more factors to consider, not just language & money. But thanks to service, all viewers should make more research & study.

  2. In Thailand in the expat areas you definitely do not need to speak Thai. The locals don't even expect you to try unlike most of Latin America. All vital online services including banking and shopping have English versions. Help lines for all services have an English option. Although most Thais speak at a poor level English is widely taught in schools nationwide.

  3. So many comments for Philippines and getting very interested to know more. Suggestions for some good overview sites/videos? Same kind of questions – long term visa options, English language a little beyond touristy areas, healthcare, access to Western lifestyle on the few days when you miss it (cafes, bakeries, restaurants, museums, etc.), diversity (e.g., South Asian restaurants?), weather (how hot/humid does it get? typhoons?), safety, etc.

  4. I was going to retire and live in poverty on social security retirement in the USA, but at 55, I decided to escape that fate.

    In 2018, I moved from NYC to the Philippine countryside to save money, get ahead financially, and get ready to live like a king on social security retirement.

    I love living here in what may be the most beautiful, friendliest, and cheapest country in the world. I don't need any special visa to live here. Just a regular tourist visa which I can extend up to 3 years before having to exit the country. A year's visa and extensions cost me only about $300. Once I exit (after living here 3 years) I can return the next day and stay another three years before I have to exit again.

    "No costly retirement visa, etc., needed here. Just a simple tourist visa!"

    If you wanna know more about living very very cheaply in the beautiful and friendly Philippine countryside, watch my video.. https://youtu.be/7y_NmCw5dec

    Most families here in my area live on about $140 a month. It's SUPER DUPER CHEAP here!

  5. Can you suggest a podcast that does not involve coastal living? I just don't care for it. I think Biden's presidency gives me a window to liquidate and leave. I don't like the American culture at all.

  6. I'm in the process of getting my VA disability up to where it could be around 3300 a month. I do have 2 kids and its kinda hard to find videos about retiring abroad with kids. There's alot of videos on things to do but maybe not raising a family and schooling and such. I'd appreciate any input on some places to look at.


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