Home Residency in Schengen Spain update day 400 - Plan to reopen "safely"

Spain update day 400 – Plan to reopen "safely"

Spain update and it looks as though the vaccine passport will allow Spain to open to foreign visitors in June.

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  1. How can it be classed as “safe tourism” when they have no idea the long term repercussions of the vaccine and have recently learned one gives blood clots after administering it to tens of thousands of people for absolutely no reason as they now can’t get the second jab. Sounds like a giant sh¡t show and I can’t understand why anyone would entrust these muppets with your most valuable asset for fear of getting a virus you are 99% likely to recover from. Do people realise how crazy this whole fear mongering control fest sounds?

  2. I like the way you do your reports a lot. I look for you and I see the older ones you have made when they come out.
    It's funny that I have been watching SkyNews bafore I bumped into you.
    I live in Los Angeles. I came here or my mother moved here when I was 9yrs from Mexico. Her sister had been living here.

  3. What's the difference between someone who's had the experimental injection (it's not a vaccine) and who hasn't? Nothing. The jab doesn't provide immunity and doesn't stop you from getting or spreading this imaginary virus. Think I'm crazy? Look at the official documents. How is it a vaccine when it doesn't stop the spread? Why are you discriminating against those who do not wish to participate in a giant experiment that doesn't end for at least another 2 years? This is criminal.

  4. Hi Stuart, what would you say are the chances of the state of alarm actually being lifted on 9th of May? Tia and keep up the good job

  5. Hi Stuart. Thank you for your very interesting and useful daily vlogs, which we (a retired couple living in sw France) find useful as we visit Spain each year. Regarding the EU's proposed use of Digital Green Certificates by means of QR codes, do you know whether a paper/card version will become available, as we presume one has to have a smart phone to use this facility. Not everyone has a smart phone, us included, and we don't particularly want one. People like us need an alternative. Thanks for any info. Thanks. David.

  6. What's incredible about this is that oldies like me (52) will be able to travel as I will have had second jab by then, but youngsters who are at very little risk from Covid because of their age look like facing restrictions

  7. Excellent news from Spain thank you I normally travel through Valencia for 3-4 months a year. In England currently the advice from the government is that “it’s ok to begin thinking about holidays or travel”. It’s such a detailed and helpful idea really and I have had a field day thinking away about trips just all day long in our beleaguered yet partially vaccinated 3rd country.

  8. What do you need to return to Spain. We have been in England looking after John's mum (99 yrs old) and are now looking to come back we have tie but not had the chance to pick up the actual card yet as we had to return to the UK for the reasons above. We have paperwork to prove we have been accepted but what other things do we need? Thanks in advance. Janice Popple

  9. Well done Stu on sticking it out for 400 days! Looks like I'll be skipping Europe all together, no way in heck will I be signing up for the Digital Green Certificate. Smacks of elitism.

  10. Passports? The vaccines do not prevent individuals catching or spreading the virus. Does no one follow factual information anymore? 2020s – the decade the world went insane.

  11. It is incredible that the covid discussion goes on and on. The fear seems to be a powerful tool. We have 69 deaths for people aged below 70 and 9 below 50 year's of age. This for the whole period of the "pandemic", in a population of 5,5 million people.
    Even I myself experienced false positive situation. I don't know but the fear building and media touting is not right. Finland just took 23 billion € increase 20% in state debt, and we do not even know where that money was spent. This is theft from the people. This is going on in the whole of Europe.

  12. Hola Stu, is the covid passport only for citizens of the EU? I live in the US and plan on taking a year off work and moving to Spain within the next two years. I need to make a few trips to Spain ahead of my move to scout out cities and wondering if vaccinated US citizens will be allowed to enter Spain this summer?

  13. Hi Stuart, great to hear your news
    2 points 1) I can see we in the UK will have problems getting a digital vaccine certificate as there are so many people claiming it would be against their Human Rights!!!
    2) I think your road system is great, there doesn't seem to be many Tolls & they seem relatively cheap compared to France, so I as a tourist would not mind paying a little more.
    Regards Richard

  14. Hi Stuart, the vaccine passport is certainly going to be a difficult and very sensitive issue, the UK government is really struggling with this one for example, I also heard an action group that are against any such vaccine passport, talking about that it would actually be illegal under the Geneva Convention, I'm pretty sure this is why it's now being referred to as an App you can have on your phone rather than a "passport"

  15. Thanks Stuart
    When the Brits come back we will be watching to see if we get a tough time and entry delay at Spanish airports. If Spain makes holiday entry hard for us then we will go elsewhere.

  16. I am really happy to find your channel. I am from the US was hoping to walk the Camino de Santiago beginning August 30th. I have been vaccinated. Any thoughts on whether that timing will work?

  17. If around 99,5% of people beat covid with their own immune system why would you need a trial vaccine that is only 80% effective and you are still able to pass the virus on?

  18. Have to love the optimism of your viewer who was looking for an 'objective/unbiased' newspaper. I don't think such a thing has ever existed anywhere, not least because having a national paper of any size requires large amounts of capital. Therefore, most the press is in the hands of big corporations. In Spain, El Pais is owned by grupo Prisa. This supposedly 'left wing' newspaper is in fact anything but. When the democratic elections of Bolivia and Venezuela brought left wing or socialdemocratic governments to power a few years ago, they launched a hate campaign. El mundo, like TeleCinco, is owned by an Italian conglomerate under guidance from Berlusconi. The online paper Publico has a left wing line, but it too is owned by a corporation: Mediapro, whose main stakeholder is a Chinese investment company! In short you're not going to find objectivity, as all those papers will sooner or later reveal the interests of their corporate owners – after all, why do you think they buy them?

  19. Stuart, Thanks for your updates! We want to come to Spain (Rota, Cádiz, Andalucía) in August for the month. We are vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and are curious if EEUU citizens will be allowed into Spain. Thanks

  20. Hi Stuart, picking up on the great debate about how patent should be pronounced, I had always thought either way was acceptable. However, I personally say 'pat-ent' for the noun and 'pay-tent' adverbially (i.e. patently). Whether I am speaking correctly, I don't know (as an Englishman, that is). But in England anyway many words are pronounced differently from region to region (e.g. bath, path, grass, project and so on). Unlike in Spanish perhaps with its uniform phonetics? Felicidades on reaching update numero 400. Best wishes, Colin

  21. Congratulations Stuart, 400 Vlogs and you are the one to keep many Europeans up to date with your honest information. Will be interested to see how the UK takes on these green vaccination passports if travellers have to have a QR code. Let’s see how this pans out over the next few weeks. Keep the good work up.

  22. I find it amazing that you are all happy to be “certified lab rats” and cant wait for your “passport” similar to what the Nazis imposed during 2nd world war …the world is full of idiots

  23. I don't know if Hicky Hicky is British, but if he is then he is totally out of step when he says patent the way he says he does. Take it from me Stuart you are absolutely right the way you say this word. From John 75 years British born and bred.


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