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Should you get residency in Spain?

With Brexit looming its important to get your paperwork in order in Spain. I do know many people haven’t bothered or found the process difficult. But I do see Spain welcoming those who become part of its system. For those after the Brexit period who are still “alien” in some form they may find things becoming more difficult.

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  1. Spain is a very beautiful country.. I want to see the " La Sagrada Family " in Spain.. But i am Bangladeshi .. I need tourist visa to visit Spain.. Please give me a visa..

  2. I've been watching your videos, have been really useful, thanks. I'm selling up in the UK, and I want to try Spain, think it might suit me. It might take me year from now to get there. So I'm thinking to start paperwork now, as I want to go for a year initially, get some work and see if it works out, if so I will buy home there. Got any links to info etc??

  3. I am thinking of living in spain long term and have the option to work remotely and working for my UK company. I imagine its a pain with HMRC/ Spanish taxes, as you're not a UK resident. I am a bit confused about the tax implications, as I will no longer be working in the UK but still be on their payroll. What were your experiences with this/ Any tips?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. inmigration is necessary. spain is quite lean on inmigration. Nobody has children any more and brits are in general accepted. You must think that people from morocco , romania, bulgaria, are accepted… Spain offers good weather, security, good food, great life and not too many rules to follow…


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