Helpful and accurate information about Portuguese Nationality for Goans.
For goans interested in acquiring Portuguese citizenship, this video talks about the requirements to become a Portuguese citizen according to Portuguese Nationality Law.

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  1. To all goans out there seeking Portuguese Nationality and then Passport,

    Dr.Vasco is your best way to get your/parents births/Marriage registered in Portugal directly.

    He is very professional and communicates timely, I have registered my mom's birth, marriage, and all my siblings birth through him in Lisbon.

    My suggestions is avoid agents in goa, and contact him, he's honest and reliable, he will guide you on the documentation needed at every step and the necessary stamping and attestations you need to get done.

    I recommend his service to all.

    Thank you Dr.Vasco, God Bless. 🙂

  2. Hi.. My family background is from Goa my great grandfather, my grandfather and my father are from Goa and my grandfather was also working for Portuguese government in customs as a commando. I was born in 1983 in goa can I apply for portugues nationality. I would also like to inform you that I have all the supporting documents required such as my grand parents birth teor, marriage teor, my father's birth teor and also the service record under which my grandfather was working for Portuguese government. I request you to provide me the information as I want to apply for the portugues nationality.
    Thank you.

  3. I would highly recommend services adv. Vasco for Portuguese birth/marriage registration. He is very honest, professional and takes care of all detail till completion of the process. You will be completely satisfied.

  4. sir my fathers birth is in 1936 ingoa india. i have church baptism certificate. government register in goa , the book records are demolished or nolonger available. but my father has old portuguese viagem para of portuguse isssued by the then portugal regime. so canhe get registered for birth and marriage, and than for bilete. thank u

  5. Hello sir actually im from goa my fathers birth is registered n after that my fathers n mothers mariage is registered so only my birth needs to b refistered so how long u think it will take n if u can help me in getting it more early i will apreciate ur help plzz

  6. Sir. I have apply my portugese nationality before 2 years with my mom and my small brother. But my mom nationality came me n my brother not came yet. So now what i have to do. Please advise me. Thank you

  7. Dear, sir I have my document s. My grand Mother birth and teur 1920. My grand father marriage cetificate and teur 1934. my mother birth and teur 1953. my father marriage is 1972 I am applying or not ? you send any reple

  8. My grandparents were both born in the early 1900s in Goa. My grandmother’s birth registration (with all necessary & proper documentation) has been submitted in Lisbon in October 2017 & we have been told it is still under process, by our agent in Lisbon. We have been given our Process no. by our agent, but have been unable to get any updates from him regarding our case, although it has been over 2 years now.
    Does it really take this long for the birth Registration?
    Would be really grateful if you could guide us further on getting some answers regarding our case. Thankyou .

  9. Dr. Vasco is a fine lawyer and a gentleman. His knowledge of the law of Portuguese nationality is sublime and accurate. You can rest assured that if he is handling your case, it's in great hands.

  10. One of the best lawyers in Portugal in the field of Portuguese nationality. Dr Vasco is a trusted, extremely competent, highly knowledgeable in this field of Portuguese nationality. Congratulations on y0ur new video, this is a really great initiative to make the Goan population aware of their rights to Portuguese nationality. All the very best.

  11. I would highly recommend Adv. Vasco to all the people who wants to acquire Portuguese Nationality. Highly Professional and very prompt with all the queries you ask him. 5 🌟 Stars for the work he has done, Thanks.

  12. Hey Vasco, I was born in London but both my maternal grandparents (who also live in London now) were born in Madeira. I did some research and it said that I may be entitled to Portuguese nationality through them. I am unsure where to apply or go to. I have been trying to research what forms I need. I even tried to call the Portuguese in embassy in London but they are very difficult to get a hold of. Could you maybe do a video or direct message me a link to the correct way of applying? Thank you so much in advance 😊

  13. Hello sir nice to hear u r voice my self Pravin pagui from goa india, sir i hav some questions so can i have u r contact number regarding some info through Portuguese passport. Thank you


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