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Paying for Citizenship by investment with Crypto: Beware!

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  1. Could it be that the crypto folks, who are wanting to do crypto only transactions, believe it is the only way to prevent the IRS from connecting that wallet to them? I believe governments can follow crypto transactions but don't know the owners of the wallets until they go through an exchange system which now has to report the transaction details. If what I said, or believe, is correct, it would be interesting to hear how they can renounce their U.S. citizenship and feel they can perform transactions through exchanges, and not have those consequences (going with the idea they are not reporting it as they renounce). I may be completely off or just not aware of a loophole or strategy around it.

  2. "Offshore solutions where u can take ur bitcoin and go through a 2 step process to move into fiat currency."

    Question: Why would u do that? For tax reasons? Will the IRS find out? If so, isn't that money laundry?


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