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How to Apply for US Green Card Lottery / Diversity Visa Lottery / Filling Up The Form

This video explains how to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery Online for free; how to fill up the application form; how to apply even if you’re not eligible to apply; who can apply for green card lottery; when to apply for diversity visa green card lottery; and what to expect after you have submitted your Green Card Lottery entry.

This is a step by step guide, how to apply for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program of the United States of America. Also known as the Green Card Lottery. For this year’s application (2020), it is called DV-2022.

For DV-2022, registration and submission of entry for eligible applicants: 07 October – 10 November 2020
For DV-2023 / DV-2024, make sure to visit the official website for announcements and instructions.
The dates of registration and submission of entries for the dv lottery program usually falls around the same date every year which is from October to November.

The application for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program is free. If eligible, the only thing you need is to have a valid passport and a scanned photo saved on your computer or phone. Passport is required only for filling up purposes, like the passport number, validity of passport and place of issuance. It is not necessary to scan it. Only photo will be sent as attachment in the application.

Take note: Don’t use any agency that charges fees to do the application for you. The application is very easy. Application is done online and will cost you nothing.

Website link where to apply:

This is the official and only website to send your application for the ELECTRONIC DIVERSITY VISA PROGRAM.

Photo Guidelines:


The Diversity Immigrant Visa program, also known as the green card lottery, is a United States government lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. The Immigration Act of 1990 established the current and permanent Diversity Visa (DV) program.

Program overview:

APPLICATION FORM for online registration and submission of entry:

Are you qualified to participate in the DV Lottery Program – DV-2020? Watch this video.

Application Guidelines:

When to apply?
DV-2022: From 07 October to 10 November 2020
If you missed this year’s green card lottery/DV lottery, you have another chance to apply next year. That is if they haven’t stopped this program yet. Always visit the official website for information. The registration of entry usually falls around similar dates every year.
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  1. I've heard about that but this is the first time I've seen how it works and the requirements.
    Great job.
    Talk about weird….
    Here I sit in the Philippines and my asawa is stuck in the states trying to get back here (she's a U.S citizen).
    But she has to wait.
    How weird is that???
    I would never try to talk you out of you and your husband's dream, but I believe you're in a good place for now as my country is so divided and hostile.
    Actually, it's quite an embarrassment as far as I'm concerned.
    And the words is probably yet to come with the election situation.
    I think you have a better chance going to Canada.
    Just my opinion of course.
    You did a marvelous job detailing the process.
    I hope you can win the lotto to fulfill your dream.
    Take good care🦋🧡🦋

  2. Very good information, little friend, it is always good to dream of something like these visas, I hope that the people who request it have the opportunity to achieve it, if I would like to visit your country but only as a tourist but it will be later.

  3. WoW《☆》Very complicated process but it sounds like y'all will get here eventually♡A guy who repairs houses in my area immigrated to Canada from Hungary & after a few years made it here. Good Luck with your⛾endeavors🤳my friends😎🎱☮🔊✌👍🏾


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