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E2 Visa Treaty Countries–2021

This video gives you a run down of the E2 Visa Treaty Countries in 2021.
NOTE: A few E2 treaty countries were accidentally left out of the video. These countries include Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova & Montenegro.

If your country of nationality is on the list of E2 Visa Treaty Countries, you will be eligible to apply for the E2 Visa which is used by entrepreneurs who want to run a US based business.

There are a number of other E2 Visa requirements—other than the nationality requirement. Please reach out to one of the many talented US Immigration Lawyers to learn more.

Also, please note that the countries on this list will periodically change. You can consult the US State Department Website for the latest list of E2 Treaty Countries.

I hope that you enjoy the video!

Ben Frear

DISCLAIMER: This video is for general information only, not legal advice. Please reach out to a licensed attorney for guidance that is tailored to your unique situation.


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