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Cyprus Residency by Investment – Episode 49

The Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit (PR) program offers non-EU nationals permanent residency within 2 months with a single, secure, real estate …


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  1. do we have to do this investment in real estate over some period of time or lump sum.And if we choose to do we have to pay directly to the real estate agency or some governmental organisation?

  2. Very nice explanation sir, could you please reply to my questions below:

    1) After 7 years do we have to pass any language test to get citizenship (passport) ?

    2) do we have to become a resident (live continuously) in Cyprus to become eligible for citizenship (passport) after 7 years?

    Thanks a million!

  3. Thank you very much for the information, I am , thought , from Singapore , but interested to spend my balance life in Europe, may be this is a choice, may I know how do we make the investment of 300 thousand euro? Is it all by cash ? Or we can get loan from Cyprus bank or associations ?


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