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Cyprus: Golden EU passports | Focus on Europe

In Cyprus, buying real estate worth at least €2,000,000 will get foreigners citizenship. An EU passport allows visa-free travel in over 140 countries. The Republic of Cyprus’ naturalization policies are controversial.
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  2. "the president's son in law is building penthouse" lol… hilarious. Guess EU made some choice mistakes in its 2004 accession of additional countries.

  3. they call them "our middle eastern friends" but in between i am sure they call them as giftakia (means gypsies, usually greeks use for others who look darker than them). greedy people. right after joining the eu, they already caused the second financial crisis in the whole union after portugal, ireland, greece and spain, however eu has already taken them. surely it's now visible why the eu did it, cause they recently found a huge gas resource around cyprus. but cyprus is now ready to sell their soil for more cash. pity. just pity.


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