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Tips for Green Card Marriage Interview – Questions and Answers – GrayLaw TV

Immigration Attorney Courtney Morgan-Greene from GrayLaw TV talks about the Immigration Marriage Interview and marriage interview questions. Watch this video to find out what to expect at your green card through marriage USCIS interview.

How to read Visa Bulletin:

How to inquire about your case after COVID-19 lockdown lifts:
I 751 marriage waiver petition:
Prove your marriage is real with social media
Avoid these Common Green Card Interview Mistakes:

Mock tourist visa interview:
USA work visa for YouTubers:
5 most common immigration mistakes:


Mock Green Card Marriage Interview:

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What documents to take to your marriage interview:
Green card through marriage interview:

Tune in to GrayLaw TV for information about green card through marriage process, green card interview, filing for green card through marriage, renewing your green card, O -1 visas, work visas, and investor visas. Immigration attorneys Humberto R. Gray and Courtney Morgan-Greene will share common US tourist visa interview questions and answers, tips for tourist and student US visa interview, naturalization interview and much more.

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  1. How do you get through the interview when you have extreme anxiety disorder? Last time I had a breakdown and scrapped the idea of filling the papers for my husband's green card because I felt too intimidated. We want to try it again soon but I'm so worried they'll reject our application. Is there something I can do about my anxiety attacks when under pressure? Anyone else have this experience? Thanks!

  2. What if we have A baby prior to the green card interview? Should we take the baby with us to the interview or should we just take the birth certificate? Is it a good enough proof for the case to be approved (a child together).

  3. Hi Courtney, I was just wondering, is it the same for the Removal of conditions interview, what you mentions we had to mailed, do we need a copy of all that for the interview too?

  4. Are the officers trained to act intimidating or are they fed up doing the same thing over and over lol! We have our interview next week and we are SÚPER NERVOUS!!! We are young so we don’t have a lot of things with both our names but I hope the officer likes us, I think we are cool lol! Thanks for this video!

  5. I applied GC file on July 2019 and finished my interview on 27th at Newark NJ. I got my approval notice on today…..
    Officer asked first my wife related i-130 questions and updated new address / job /last US entry and other details as per we gave.latter she asked me I-485 related questions
    First she gave me oath and below question office asked her.
    1) All Joint documents— home lease/ Car/health insurance Bank statements Photos, flight tickets — to me
    2)She asked DL, Passport Marriage certificate ,marriage date. how, when where did you meet first. –both
    3)US last entry date/ job location/ job position of both starting date — both
    4)How many cars do you own. who drive which one? — to my wife
    5)In photo she asked who is this ? to my wife
    6 where was the marriage location/date/how many people — to my wife
    7)where do you lives full address with zip code to my wife she asked two time and one time to me.
    8) She asked questions related to health insurance. is it free or you purchased. are you taking benefits from gov?– to me
    9)did you come in US together in last us entry ?when? location— to me
    10) where your parents lives? did you meet both parents ? — both
    11 both birth date
    12 In last she asked I-485 related questions — which is yes/no on forms

    Best of luck to all

  6. I live in India and my wife is in us and we don't have anything joint like bank account, insurance, mortgage etc. So how can we do that as I am in India and don't have social security number to open joint bank account or mortgage. How can we prove this wedding is legitimated wedding?? Please help me.

  7. Hi, my wife and I filed our I-130 with the USCIS office in London UK on March 12th. She is currently living in the UK with me and we're hoping to get an interview come November, we will be married for 2 years at that point. I would just like to know, if our interview is after November this year, will our Green card, if I am accepted , be permanent as it had been 2 years since our marriage?


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