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Stuck outside the US. Will my Green Card be abandoned?

Are you stuck outside the US because of the coronavirus and travel bans? Watch this video to see what steps you can take to prevent losing your permanent resident status!

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  1. Hey my sis stuck in india … because of covid and her green card also expire…and now it's been 1 year… what.form she need to fill up ….for go back to America… please reply

  2. I’m currently in spain and my green card got expired but after contact with Hack_Fabz on Instagram I was able to get it replaced and delivered to me here in Sevilla and I will be flying in 🔜

  3. I lost my green card when I travelled to visit my parents back home in Nicaragua 🇳🇮 but after contacting Hack_Fabz on Instagram
    He got it replaced and delivered to my address in Nicaragua

  4. My 20 year old son who is a student studying abroad is out of the state with a “2 year travel permit” it will expire in January 6,2020. His school ends in April , will there be a problem if he comes with 3 months expired travel document? What am I suppose to do ? His school vacation is on April that’s the time that he will be able to travel back to U.S. please advise. Thank you 🙏

  5. Hey , I am a LPR and my wife a US citizen , currently we both in India ..among being stranded my wife delivered a baby in India ( wife doesn’t have 5 year US residency to transmit citizenship)…how can we take the baby with us back to states.

  6. Hey ! My i551 stamp expired while I’m outside of us due the covid19 & no flights. I file my i751 last year still pending. I contact the US embassy since April no help. I really need Thank you for your email. Please contact http://www.uscis.gov for your immigration status and returning to the United States. You will need to follow their guidance on what documents you need to submit and fees that you need to pay if you are eligible to receive a benefit.

  7. Hi! My i551 stamp expired while outside of us due covid19 & no flight . Now I’m stuck in Africa right now ,I file my i751 already . I did contact us embassy but they useless. What I should do. I know about SB1 visa or BOARDING FOIl. I really need help

  8. Hi, I have a question. I am a green card holder and booked a one way ticket for my son’s graduation. I was going to book a flight 2 months before my 6 month only to find out that my passport was going to expire in 6 months. The travel agency I was booking at adviced me to renew first my passport so as not to have problems at the airport because of the rule of 6 months validity of passports. So I did but unfortunately due to this pandemic I had to apply online and wait to be scheduled for an appointment for passport renewal only to find out that the only open appointment reservation was the following month. I did but the problem was I still have’t recieved my new passport and I am approaching my 6th month stay. What should I do?

  9. how long after my travel document expire can I apply for the SB1. Is there a date/time where it is too late. Also, once the SB1 visa is approved, how long do I have to travel back to the U.S. This covid thing may not end way into 2021.

  10. If green card holders pay taxes like US citizens do they should have the same travel freedoms US citizens have! It's ridiculous to have travel limitations on green card holders when they're paying taxes too! That's a violation of freedom, And freedom is all what the US is about.

  11. My parents who have valid unexpired green cards went to India with a one way ticket. Due to the COVID situation and my mothers sudden hospitalization, they could not come back within the 1 year. Now the 1 year has passed last month and they are still stuck over there. Will they be able to come back to the US on their green cards ? We would not like to go the SB1 way. Its a hassle. Any other options they have. Please let me know.

  12. Hii miss i get it that i have to show record.. but where should i show that records to ?? One more question, do they add 5 years more to apply citizenship if i stay more than 6 month during this covid situation?? Hope you answer 🙂 thank you ( dhanyabad) 🙂

  13. Hi Abhisha,
    I'm a permanent resident(EB-1)and have been outside of the country since 2016 with reentry permit. The permit is valid until Jun 17th. I was supposed to come to the states next month to apply for reentry permit again however I don't feel safe traveling to the states with family including two kids.
    Here is my question,
    I visited to the states from Jan to Mar. Then I'll be able to enter the states within 6 month from the date of the departure in Mar? Or there would be a problem once my reentry permit expired on Jun 17th? Thank you for your repond in advance!

  14. Hello, I'm stuck in Armenia for 9 months already, and there is no flight from here, although we had a ticket of flight which is canceled. We dont intend to abandon our status, and we've spent more than 6 months because of our 2Y old baby, whose visa is proceeding , but I am afraid of losing GC because of absence for more than a year. deadline is on August 13, I hope they will open airports for flights, but if no, is it serious for our GC to become invalid, or it's solvable? thanks

  15. My 10 yr card expired on May 10, what should I do? US embassy told me I shouldn’t have any issues at the US immigration as long as I have a valid passport and US license, I’m really worried about the flights? Am I still allowed to fly with an expired green card?

  16. Hi im stuck here in philippines I’ve been here since January 21 2020 till now and flight got canceled 3 times am i in trouble now when i come back to usa im a green card holder

  17. Hi,

    I have a question regarding this pandemic situation.

    I have green card
    I came Pakistan on 29th December to attend my brother marriage after that I booked my ticket on 29th May so total trip duration was 5months but I am scared due to this situation if I over stay more than 6 months which is beyond my control, how can I save my green card and safe return to US. Should I email uscis

    Please guide me

  18. Hello Ma'am.
    I am stuck in India due to Covid19. I flew from New York on 6th Jan & returning on 21April. But due to lockdown it has suspended international flights. I'm just curious would i lose my stay which i stayed in USA. I am a greencard holder. For a record of proof i will have my return ticket n bank details as to show while entering USA.

  19. Hello, I'm a permanent resident stuck in Ecuador. I got a reentry permit which is about to end because of study purposes. I don't really know what should I do?. I would be really nice if you can give me some insight please. Thanks.

  20. Hello Abhisha. Im from Georgia (the country) so i stuck in Georgia. I have a round trip ticket. But Ukraine airlines canceled my flight (cause of covid – 19) And the airport in Georgia is closed. And i stuck here. i paid my taxes 2019 i have all documents. Any advice?


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