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Montenegro Citizenship by Investment: how does it work?

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  1. Blablabla. What ON EARTH do you do when the corrupt politicians in your once amazing country caused the currency to drop at an alarming rate, so much so that you now have to pay 18 Rand for ONE Euro, making it virtually impossible to go anywhere else. It simply is way too expensive

  2. When i set the speed 0.75, i can understand everything, please take into account that not all of the audience has perfect english, let us understand the issue as well 🙂

  3. Montenegro's biggest value that I see is the fact that citizens of Montenegro are eligible for Panama's Friendly Nations Visa, so for the American who wants to renounce, and wants to run their business from Panama because its territorial tax regime is beneficial, Montengro citizenship also provides a fairly decent travel document as passports go. Does Grenada give you more Visa Free countries? Yes, but it gives you access to Vietnam relatively on par with the US, and it gives you Russia Visa Free. Grenada is a much better passport value, but If you could couple Montengro with Turkey, then Mexico, South Africa, Morrocco, Thailand, and Japan along with Mongolia and the other former Soviet Republics Turkey gives you would probably rival Grenada in terms of value as a travel document, but it also gives you a beautiful coastal region of Europe on the Adriatic and a very low tax rate of its own versus a tiny Caribbean Island nation as a potential home base. If you were building a passport portfolio that also included potential home bases Montenegro would be a useful place to be able to live. If you could combine it with Turkey, and Grenada it gives you access to most of the visa free world. Is Grenada a better cost for more access, yes, as would be most of the Caribbean CBI countries, but the ability to inexpensively add Panama via the friendly nations residency has some value I believe that the Caribbean CBI countries do not have.

  4. You always have someone who worked for someone, someone who worked with you or you worked with on something. And wait a minute, why did you work with the Montenegrean government.

  5. Things are booming here, and I think you forgot to mention how people are accepted when they come to MNE.
    They have special treatment from the locals, and we really try to help and make them feel like home.

  6. Sir, I have 50k in USD. I need another nationality or passport so badly. What are the choices I have? I have read alot and found that there are guys asking for like 15k and they would find a lender to buy the investment

  7. Stand corrected

    The applicant may acquire Montenegrin citizenship by admission under a special program if, for the purpose of the costs of the procedure, he has paid a certain amount of money for himself and his family members if he has deposited an amount of EUR 100,000 for the development of less developed local self-government units on the ESCROW account for the purpose of Article 18 of the Law on regional development. It can also be acquired if it has paid at least EUR 450,000 to the ESCROW account for investment purposes in one of the development projects in Podgorica or the coastal region or an amount of at least EUR 250,000 for the purpose of investing in one of the development projects in the northern or central region of Montenegro.

  8. Thank you for this video! I really appreciate this upload, because I'm looking for real estate there as well, and didn't know they put in this new law. Its much better than a 3 month visa renewal. I was hoping they'd do this after a purchase, but this solidifies it. The problem is as you've said, the quality of homes is very basic and overpriced, also there is not much to do there and even grocery stores and farmers markets are extremely spaced out, otherwise its a beautiful country with great people! And contrary to what they said, Montenegro does not need new real estate development, they like many parts of Europe have many empty places, what they need is actually consistent jobs for their people, so they can actually afford to live there! Why on earth do so many governments continue to build, build, build, but not focus on making actual money? Ridiculous! smh

  9. It is my sincere hope that the country does NOT join the EU, for me the fact that it is still a sovereign nation that has so far not elected to put its fate in the hands of faceless bureaucrats in Brussels is a MASSIVE plus for the country.

  10. I think you have seen are going to continue to see more marina developments with mega yacht berths in the coming years.

    It seems to be one of the last unspoiled European Mediterranean countries. Once the infrastructure is brought up to scratch, it will be quite a desirable spot to live.

  11. I am surprised that no mention was made about Montenegro joining the EU, it signed up to the programme 2012. Also, no mention of the energy hub with undersea cable to Italy – this will have positive economic impacts. I was left with the impression that Montenegro had acted alone with its citizen programme; this is wrong, 3 international advisory firms were consulted and I have spoken to some – they believe the programme is well positioned – probably rated 'Silver', not gold or bronze.

  12. Mr. Andrew … What does the term 'CBI' mean ?

    Montenegro WILL BE A VERY BIG 'NO' !!! It is not in the EU and not in the Schengen …. only in the continent of Europe !
    I am in Hungary now & I've heard credible rumours here that the 'Hungarian Bond Program' will restart in 2019 with even better benefits ….. Dunno if its true SO COULD please you shed some light on it ???

  13. What do you think of Moldova's CBI program? It seems to be unique in that Moldova's the cheapest "powerful" citizenship there is.

  14. love these videos. they're currently beyond my scope of knowledge and experience so it's a great pleasure to stretch that by absorbing these topics.

    thanks for sharing


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