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Montenegro 2021 The Cost of Daily Life for Expats in and Around Kotor Montenegro!

The cost of living in Montenegro is attractive and very affordable. In this video we share a snapshot of our monthly costs based on our daily experiences in and around Kotor Montenegro.

We bought our home in Kotor Montenegro in 2016, we were enchanted by this medieval city from first sight. With the low cost of living, Mediterranean climate, UNESCO Heritage designation, and it’s popularity as a tourist destination for Eastern Europeans and the British it made perfect sense to buy here. As we travel Europe over the next 5 to 10 years we will be using our home in Montenegro as our home base, rest assured our journey is not ending.

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We have used AirBnb to rent out our home in the past, we have decided that we are going to be more selective about who stays in our home going forward. While we are away traveling we will rent our home to our viewers anticipating there will be more respect and care when staying in our home. We will rent the home in month long blocks, if you are staying less time you can still stay but you would be renting for the month.
For availability and information contact us at warrenjulietravel@gmail.com

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Do you want to live abroad as an Expat? Are you looking for affordable and viable options? We are exploring the world to see what it’s like to live in a country, and also discover if Residency is an option.

We began our retirement in March of 2020 with the intent to travel the world, spending 1-3 months in a country or location. We want to see what it’s like to live there and not simply visit, and we want to share these experiences and the costs with whoever wishes to follow along.

If your looking for a place in Europe to live or retire Montenegro may be an option, stay tuned and follow along.

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  1. Great video 👍! One could have great idea about expenses in Montenegro after going through this. Also, pls tell- are mangoes 🥭 available there in fruit market?

  2. Just a piece of advice… if you need to buy larger quantities of groceries, just 10 minutes from Kotor, in Radanovici, you can find two large supermarkets, with significantly lower prices compared to the market near the old town, or even smaller shops around the old town. Greetings from Podgorica.

  3. It would be interesting to compare these grocery prices with those in Podgorica as I'd say it's cheaper here (I'm in PG, atm). Haircut price seems about right (once I paid 12 Euros in PG but my recent one was 5 Euros). Yours was done really well, btw.
    The restaurant prices, considering the location (that outdoor view is wow), is fair, as you said.

  4. Montenegro is not cheap, That $7 hair cut costs $1 and that vegetable for $33.55 costs around $8 in Pakistan. Dining out is also not so cheap as is depicted; that same kinda dining will cost about half and if you go to better looking upper class restaurant, it will cost 70%-80% of the mentioned cost. The only exclusion is the surrounding environment out of restaurant like road side, sea front etc that is not available. So basically, ME is extra charging for the infrastructure and natural scenery that many countries don't offer. BTW: There are many scenic dining out places in Pakistan too at competitive price.

  5. Awesome place, love it!! Thank you so much for the info. When is Serbia, we plan on coming to Montenegro. Keep the videos coming! Trying to convince the wife to split time between Serbia and Montenegro instead of Sarasota.

  6. It's springtime in Montenegro isn't it?
    what time of the year do these farmers plant their veggies?…just odd seeing what one normally sees in July.

  7. I've heard that the climate is very humid in Montenegro, and that can lead to mold forming in your house.

    What steps can you take to tackle mold if you are going to spend months at a time away from your property?

  8. I think 1500 euro a month with your own place is reasonable expense as Kotor is such a beautiful town. I am sad and disappointed that Eu in particular is not really opened for US citizens wanting to retire to EU. It seems Montenegro is a bit more opened, but not enough, as probably you have to get citizenship to be comfortable there, which is easy but costs around half a million euro of investing locally. Thanks for nice video.

  9. Love the video. Thanks for all the details. It is very helpful. I was in Dobrota back in March and we are coming back in June and staying through August. We will be setting up my business there. And also setting up permanent residency. We are from Orlando. I like living in Orlando. But I am ready to expand my horizons. See you at the farmers market.

  10. Looks sooooo nice! I will definitely come visit when the restrictions are loosened. Do people go swimming in the bay during the summer? I have imagined that and it seems like it would be a great time. Hvala puno for the videos!


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