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Exclusive: Cyprus sold passports to 'politically exposed persons'

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has found the government of Cyprus sold passports to senior officials and politicians classified by the European Union as high risk …


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  1. This is just a news every citizen has a right to know what their crok politicians doing behind their back. I must say hats off to AJ investigation team brilliant ❤

  2. Hmmm Malta gave passports to Qatari Royalties and to name a few :
    Mohammed Ahmed J. Al Thani, his wife Hanadi children Jassim, Jude and Layana.
    No issue there I see …………..

    We all know the reason behind these amatuer AJ news is the fact that Cyprus has a pipeline deal with Israel and Greece while the Qataries want a pipeline with Turkey
    Tuff luck but there is nothing illegal about the passports as many EU members are doing this
    I am not rejecting corruption in Cyprus but these low level journalism has hit rick bottom….

  3. Turkish and qatar propaganda is nice get more sheep ! Lol Cyprus is the most peaceful place ever every goverment is corrupt this propaganda is invalid , like the live of the people who are trying to target other countries like a small island of Cyprus

  4. Canada does it but with transparency.
    If you invest a huge some of money, say 300k USD, you are very much welcomed to enter Canada, and also have a chance for Maple citizenship. This is for Southeast Asian applicants.

  5. This is possible since 2018 in zyprus. You can buy a house for 500000 Dollar or invest in busines 2.5 M you became a free Passport for Europe. This is so sad. The Countrys do nothing. This is Capitalism. Sad sad sad


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