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US Citizenship Act 2021 – Biden Immigration – H1B, H4 EAD, Green Card, F1 Visa, Others

Update : On Feb 18th, 2021, an Official Congress Bill text was released based on Biden Administration Proposal sent to congress ( explained in above video). Watch for latest update

Summary of Biden’s Immigration Bill that was sent to Congress. It is called US Citizenship Act of 2021. Details on the proposed changes for #H1BVisa, #H4EAD, #GreenCard for Employment based, #F1Visa holders. You can check Summary and Fact Sheet at :


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  1. Hello, my mom had filled in application to renew green card last year (6 months prior before it expires), been over 6 months. and still has not arrived. She has not heard anything back. Any suggestions on what to do

  2. Most people are working from Home what is the impetus for companies to get them to US to pay them high with visa cost etc. Just make them stay in India and make them work from home in India

  3. Biden is a very good man, may be he should also double the quota and probably work with prime ministers of other countries to send some Americans there to work there in exchange. Otherwise how will he cover American job losses? Oh wait he loves homeless too. As many home less Americans the better.

  4. Aw like dreamers didn't work at all in the United States. They already did for 8 years and they went to school, plus a lot of them graduated from college. You don't even know the facts. Everyone works hard in the US, because there is no other way, if you are an immigrant. And how come they never showed the refugee camps during the pandemic??? how come there was no word of a virus there??? You people don't even thing about those stuff. Because it's all political news. Whatever they show you on a tv, you act to it without thinking. You are all sheeps.

  5. hey…what about H1, L1 RFEs and visa denials which has been crazy in few years.. and offcourse the wait times… my L1b Individual was filed in Jan 2019, I received a RFE in March 2020 and then the proclamation ban happened on issuance of new visas…so, technically I am having a wait time of 2 years and counting.
    Does Biden administration plans to improve these situations?
    Appreciate your inputs

  6. So earlier, Biden mentioned that STEM PhD holders must be given a Green Card but now the agenda just mentions 'STEM Advanced degree' without specifying MS/PhD?


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