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Many of you, who are in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Boston, Detroit and other cities and States in USA , and if you have a direct sephardic/jewish name (as Cohen, Levy, Aboulafia, Toledo); or if your name is López, González, Pérez, García, Fernández, Gallego, and many others from Spanish Origin (who descend from Jewish names from the Sephardic Jewish spelled from Spain in 1492 by Catholic Kings and many of them emigrated to America and other places in the world).

In this case, you can apply for Spanish Sephardic Citenship, becoming an european citizen, and conserving your others citizenships.

But, what if you couldn’t start your Sephardic nationality file before October 1st?
Well, there is a NEW SEPHARDIC SPANISH PROCEDURE, which can be started now, where it is not necessary to travel to Spain or take the DELE and CCSE exams; and the whole procedure is telematic, online, and with our professional attorney card, we can process it for you.
This process was used in part before, but there are several super important and super essential peculiarities, now in 2020, legal, that did not exist before 2015, and therefore, with a good genealogy, a certificate from a Jewish community, if you Brother or sister, your friends have presented before 2019, and you qualify as Sephardic Spanish, why not present?

Everything is online, and an experienced Spanish immigration lawyer (with his professional attorney card) can help you in the entire process, and defend yourself until the end.
In addition, with it you will keep your other current nationalities (from USA, Turkey, Israel, Canada, France, UK, Morocco, Siria …), in addition to Latin American ones, when you obtain your Spanish nationality by Sephardic origin.
The Law expressly permits it, that before it could not be done, and now in 2020 yes.

Write us and we will inform you of the requirements and other details.
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Bezrat Hashem
Dr. César David Ciriano
Email: cciriano@icab.es
Whatsapp direct :
+34 615 53 75 72 César David Ciriano
, and USA: +1 (917) 250-3264
+34 677 36 15 21 Magda Ciriano


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  1. Hello I live in New Mexico and can trace my ancestry back to the first spanish/Portuguese settlers who arrived with ornate. His name was Gonzalez but my last name is Lujan. I also did a DNA test that showed I have Sephardic DNA as well. I am greatly interested in the prospect. Have you heard of any similar situations?

  2. Hi I am interested in getting in contact with you. I know I have Jewish decent and my last name is Mejia, which is on the list of Sephardic last names. I also live in New York. I am looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance


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