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How to Get Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro recently introduced new citizenship by investment program and they’ve chosen to follow the Malta and Cyprus “route” regarding the price, rather than the Caribbean one.

Anyone who wishes to become a Montenegrin citizen needs both to make a donation of €100.000 and to invest in government approved real estate in the amount depending on the area – for a property in the northern part of the country they will need to spend at least €250.000, while investing in coastal real estate would require at least €450.000.

This program might sound too expensive for a country like Montenegro, but they do have a really good prospect of joining the EU, one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, as well as visa-free access to “difficult” countries like Russia and Macedonia.


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  1. agreed , joining the EU is a negative in my view and people will be escaping the region as and when the time comes, healthcare is the only positive benefit of EU inclusion

  2. I'm wondering about the visibility of these approved projects. Is there some place online to see the options that are available and their pricing for those projects?

  3. Earlier, you stated that you got a residency permit from purchasing real estate there. Is there a lower real estate purchase requirement for those who only want residency?

  4. I just came back from Montenegro less than a month ago. Phenomenal country to live or do business in I must say. Budva,Kotor beautiful places to visit. On the topic of this video, I must say that the number of citizenships available is extremely scarce as they are about to join the EU in 2025 and will probably eliminate their CIP. The cost of real estate varies greatly depending on the location. Projects in coastal areas are going at a premium, however, the capital Podgorica is a more attractive prospect on a cost basis. Can't recommend the country enough.

  5. Montenegro is very corrupt to say the least! It's leader, president Dukanovic, has more in common with a dictator then a democratically elected politician. I would also think long and hard before I'd start a business. Unless you are well connected and have a lot of money to invest, and palms to grease, this could be a very bad idea!
    Visa free travel to Russia isn't a certainty by any means as Montenegro is having difficult relations due to its nato membership and accusations of a Russian coup attempt back in 2016.
    Also, Montenegro doesn't allow dual citizenship, so I don't know how that fits in to the scheme.
    Oh, and EU membership won't happen until 2025, at the earliest!!
    But as mentioned in the video, even that's no guarantee.


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