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How to find a job in Malta , living expenses and many more explained in Malayalam 2020

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in this video am talking about how we can find a job in Malta ,
Malta is a beautiful tourist destination , its a very small European country even though there are many job vacancies ,, we are getting lots of vacancies because Malta is not proving any preeminent residency for international workers . in order to a PR in Malta either you shooed invest a huge amount in government bods or real estate , or you have to marry a Maltese citizen . both there methods are not practical for a normal person . so the next possibility is to get a good job there and earn as much as you can , and move to other European countries where you can find a settlement .

living costs depends on person to person but in this video i just give a rough idea about a average expense for an Indian person


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  1. 7th standard anu my school colification.enike maltayil restaurant work permit kittumo…I have 10years experience in India and malaysia..I speek English 80%..Malaysian fully

  2. Njhn ippo oru agency vazhi malttayolot security jobnu pokan nokkunnund 3 lak aanu service charge koodathe 25000 registration feeyum kodukkanm,,,, ith fake aaano ennn ariyaan nthaa vazhi???? 0


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