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?? How to Become Jamaican! Citizenship & Passport Application Guide for USA, UK, EU Diaspora! Easy!

If you are the child or grandchild of a person born in Jamaica it is really easy to become a Jamaican citizenship yourself as well as apply for a Jamaican passport. There are a great number of reasons why that you can read on the official Jamaican websites. You will need Birth Certificate and Passport for yourself and your Jamaican parent OR Birth Certificate & Passport for yourself, one parent and Jamaican Birth Certificate and Jamaican Passport of one Jamaican Grandparent.

• Checklist – 00:36
• Why Apply – 00:46
• Proving JA Lineage – 2:43
• Birth Certificates – 4:38
• Birth Certificates Fees – 8:35
• Deceased Family? – 8:38
• Application Forms – 9:57
• Summary – 11:59
• Final Checklist – 13:32
• TOTAL FEES – 13:48

If all else fails. Just Marry a Jamaican. That works too


Spreadsheet for Info –

• Jamaica Citizenship by Descent Overview –
• Jamaica Citizenship by Descent Application Form –
• Jamaica Citizenship by Descent Application Fees –

• Jamaica Passport Application Form –
• Jamaica Passport Application Fees –

• Jamaica Birth Certificate Application Form –
• Jamaica Birth Certificate Fees –

• Jamaica Birth Certificate FAQ –

UK Birth Certificate Application –
USA Birth Certificate Application –

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  1. Thanks for the video this is really helpful. I wondered if you could share how you paid for the application? You put 'cash' in the checklist you shared. Did you send the application fee in cash? I was trying to see if there was a way to pay online and I couldn't see it. – is is a pretty confusing system. Also did you have to have your doctor sign the passport photos when you sent them? Not sure if I can get that done at the moment because of Covid. Thanks for any suggestions in advance

  2. Hi everyone I have a question. My grandmother came here when she was a child during the Windrush Era, she was born in Jamaica and has a Jamaican birth certificate. She has a British passport now but we are unable to find the Jamaican passport as it was so long ago. Can I use her British one in application process or any ideas on how I could proceed? Many thanks!

  3. The entire process took 12 minutes at the JA consulate in NYC I forgot to ask while at the consulate but will my passport have the US on it or my mother's parish as the place of origin. I know this is a silly question but I work for the airline and I know certain passports has your parent's place as an individuals place of origin. ie certain countries in the middle east

    Edit: fingers crossed that it wont say USA or my cover is blown lol

  4. I have tried several times to fill in the form to obtain a entry number but it won’t complete because it’s saying wrong phone number format I’ve tried various combinations please advise what am I doing wrong?

  5. Great info… but just to ask, if I’m claiming through my deceased dad and his name isn’t on my birth certificate, would I then have to use my mums birth certificate and passport instead?

  6. With the birth certificate for your parents or grandparents. You need the long form birth certificate. Not the small birth certificate (about A5 size).
    My mum only had the small birth certificate, which the lady in the London High Commision office said wasn't good enough for it.

    Applying for the full birth certificate from Jamaica takes about 2 months (at least) so get this in order first.
    At the time I am writing this, the next available appointment for me is about 3 months in the future. So it should arrive before my appointment.

    Also, check you know people who can sign for your photographs. The amount of people who can sign for the passport is a lot smaller than it would be to apply for a British Passport IF you are applying from outside of Jamaica.

    For overseas applicants the following persons, who need not be citizens of Jamaica, may certify the applications

    Justice of the Peace


    Notary Public

    Medical Doctor

    Minister of Religion authorized to perform marriages

  7. I've been trying to get mine but dont have my parents birth certificate and the RSG cant find it on the computer and I cant go down to Jamaica yet. Can I use my birth certificate to prove my lineage?

  8. My parents having immigrated to the UK in fifties, both died here some years ago subsequent to giving birth to me. (Father died 38 years ago and Mother 25 years ago). I do not have passports for them but I have both their birth and marriage certificates. Would submission of these documents alone be accepted along with all other relevant documents in support of my application for JA citizenship? I am also married to a Jamaican(!) Jamaica Land We Love!

  9. Brother, two questions:
    1. When we submit the original birth certificates and passports in the UK do they ship them via post to Jamaica for processing? What if they lose them in shipping?
    2. If only one grandparent is Jamaican is it ok to only include the information of the Jamaican grandparent and the parent who links that grandparent to you?
    Great quality video, you are helping a lot of people! Subscribed.


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