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Will Russia Start a Golden Visa Program?

Why get residence in Russia? In this video, Andrew discusses Russia’s proposal for a golden visa program, investment opportunities, currency risks, and lifestyle opportunities in Russia.

Andrew Henderson and the Nomad Capitalist team are the world’s most sought-after experts on legal offshore tax strategies, investment immigration, and global citizenship. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has started offshore companies, opened dozens of offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate on four continents. He has spent the last 12 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

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  1. Russia > USA. I would pick Russian citizenship over UAE too. The young people in Russia and China are pro business and understand low taxes, not like the obese teenage morons in the US. Just take a walk in St. Petersburg or Shanghai and talk to a stranger. The young there know and understand capitalism pretty well, even better than the average american college graduate.

  2. Andrew, can you interview regular working people, who make above average for their job, from Russia and give their opinion about whether they would want to stay in Russia or go abroad (USA), if given the opportunity and why would they choose one or the other.

  3. The Resources cycle starts again and the Oil, and Metals etc. could run to their ATH. So the Ruble might get even stronger, so it is just the political risks that you have.
    Riga and Lithuania etc – I have seen the countries many times and there is nothing to do (I mean in terms of business), people are poor, the businesses evacuate and I got recked 2 times with my companies there (being an EU citizen has not made it any easier).

  4. I love Moscow, for a financial, tax and consumer confidence level it's got everything I want, but the elephant in the room is that I don't want a knock on my door one day because I pissed off the wrong government official.

  5. Yes, we are interested in Russia. Pushkin is beautiful. Moscow has cultivated activities. Perhaps a high rise in best area of city. We are just uncertain on costs and hassle factors.

  6. As a Russian here i probably may guess that i got this program right, first option is your ordinary golden visa – money for residence permit, second option (for companies) is just an addition to it in order to "legalise" foreign investors that are already doing some business here but through a third party that has Russian citizenship.

    Also process of getting Russian citizenship and residence permit are a little bit different from what other countries have, some countries may get residence permit (or visa) just by having a flat where they will be registered but it comes with limitations (like being unable to live in other city without changing your registration and thus working in other cities also will be blocked with this type of permit) and after some time 1-3 years if i remember right (depends on you passport, as ex USSR countries usually have some benefits) you will have a chance to file for citizenship but only if you where registered in one place (not just city but actually flat) and spending in Russia a certain minimum amount of time a year (or you will just loose your residence and will have to file for a new one) i may be wrong but you will have to live at least 6 months a year here. As i understand this golden visa will be similar to residence but closer to job visa but with with a chance of applying for citizenship because right now it is hard to get from job visa into citizenship and you will have to first get residence thus making a lot of foreigners to spend more than 5 years drowning in bureaucracy before they can file for citizenship.

    Im not sure in the info above 100% since i work with foreigners but if they have a Russian citizenship or residence they just become out of my sphere of problems as they are now subject to different laws thus i haven't really dig into rules of getting citizenship or residence.

  7. I would do it if they cut the $400k in half to $200k for buying real estate. $400k is a little too steep in my opinion & risky for me, considering I have zero knowledge on Russian real estate trends. But for $150k to $200k, I believe the rewards outweigh the risk. Also waiting 3 years is a huge turnoff… Btw, when is Russia planning to open their doors to Americans? I just sold my house and planning to move there as soon as the travel ban is lifted…. Can't wait to leave America…
    I guess only 2 options for me:
    1) Wait till they lower it to $200k or
    2) Just marry a Russian citizen

  8. As a Russian, I advise you to take a closer look at the mobile games and movies sector. Here you can set up a company with very qualified people or finance young teams for ridiculous prices. And it costs a dozen times less than in the West.

  9. thank you for a great video. Starting 1st of January 2021 citizens of 52 countries can apply online for a new evisa to enter Russia. It now covers all main cities and 16 days of stay

  10. Investing in Russian real estate is the worst decision you can make. You mentioned one risk, which is the ruble. Forget about ever seeing your property appreciate in dollars.

    More concerning is property rights. There’s very few guarantees that the property you buy in central Moscow, especially if you are seeking out a deal in a historic building, will not get taken from you. Read up on the Moscow renovation program to get a sense of why buying property in Russia is retarded. They are bulldozing half the city to make way for developers to get more land to guide terrible new apartments on.

  11. I think the appeal of Russia right now is that kids in school aren't being told there's something wrong with them, just because they have white skin.

  12. Been to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, two very beautiful cities. With the demographic outlook for Russia of stagnant to decreasing population, I’d suppose this is a trial run and they might lower the requirements in the years to come if not many people apply.

  13. I appreciate some of your content. Two things I hate:
    1) "Global Citizenship" You promote this concept which doesn't exist in reality. It is part of our problem, presently, and in fact one of the underlying reasons why you even have this channel – escaping costs. The idea that there is a worldwide citizenship is why so many people believe that they can go anywhere, then exist as takers, and not contributors.
    2) Some of your recommendations seem only to be based on the "bottom line," and not ethics.

  14. First time I'm commenting on your channel. So I'm a American living in Estonia. I got a five year visa here because of marriage.
    But if you want to tell your clients that has interest living in Russia that have a American citizenship it's easy. Just apply for a five year Russian visa.
    Americams are able to obtain a visa that's good for five years. The only exception is they must leave Russia every year, even for one day.
    Hope that helps.
    Cool channel man👍

    Americanabroad ✌️

  15. 200,000 what kind of bullshit there who need those piece of shit communist country he have to be a criminal and Encontré to escape somewhere but they have so many different countries so you don’t have to pay nothing just go and leave

  16. coming from the former Russian citizen, it's worth to mention that there are two kinds of laws in Russia: one – de jure that always sounds good, and another one de facto – that's somehow ends up in the corruption.

  17. I'm a Canadian and have been living in Moscow for 7 years with my wonderful Russian wife (as opposed to Andrew, we did meet here). I lived in Germany on the French border for 25 years before that. It was also fantastic, but like Canada, it is no longer what it once was. 
    Moscow doesn't have a real-estate bubble like Toronto, London, Sydney, etc., but prices are rising for a few different reasons (historic low mortgage rates, currency risk).
    Andrew is right, Russia is not for everyone, BUT it certainly is a great place if it is for you. It is a counterbalance to my Canadian side. 
    There definitely are opportunities here. I love this place!

  18. Russia is already one of the world's principal bread baskets and there is plenty of potential upside for agricultural investment – especially in the relatively warm Krasnodar, where they even grow tea!

  19. Please explore in detail all available options for work visa, PR and path to citizenship for Indian IT professionals abroad and its requirements in a series of videos.


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