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Italy’s Golden Visa is Now Half-Price (and Easier)

Does Italy have a Golden Visa program? In this video, Andrew discusses Italy’s Golden Visa program, how the old program worked, and what changes have been made, including lower prices and more investment options.

Andrew Henderson and the Nomad Capitalist team are the world’s most sought-after experts on legal offshore tax strategies, investment immigration, and global citizenship. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has started offshore companies, opened dozens of offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate on four continents. He has spent the last 12 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

Our growing team of researchers, strategies, and implementers add to our ever-growing knowledge base of the best options available. In addition, we’ve spent years studying the behavior of hundreds of clients in order to help people get the results they want faster and with less effort.

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  1. I read a while ago that Italy was developing a retirement program to entice foreigners to retire to say, Sicily, Sardinia, etc, tax free. The only catch is you are constrained to stay and live in defignated areas, for a certain minimum period per year. I've forgotten the details, but the idea is to boost the local economy of these areas that had been negatively impacted by the mass exodus of their young people in search of better opportunities outside their home towns and cities. I wonder if this is still on.

  2. Thanks for this information Andrew. Very insightful! Anyway, have you ever had an opinion on Digital Real Estate? A year and a half ago, I invested in a program of Ippei Kanehara which helps me generate local leads in my digital real estate business. I brought this up since I was able to make 8 sites in total that generate $10,000 monthly.

  3. We are currently going through the process of attaining our Italian Citizenships to retire in Italy. If I am not mistaken, the flat tax rate only applies if you are moving to SOUTHERN Italy. North of Abruzzo.

  4. In my opinion majority of EU countries are no go for investment they have to much complicated tax rules which makes products very expensive and after few years people simply wouldn't be able to afford much if it as salery aren't keeping up with price hikes unless EU comes up with some kind better tax plan it will going to struggle and then you have to deal with EU banks and tax authorities those people are nightmare

  5. I would love to see UK also coming up with flat tax and get rid of shitty vat and corporation tax system make an affordable tax system which works for everyone

  6. are you jocking ? are you insane ? Invite people to live in the worst managed european country? where taxes are a robbery , public service ilarious and the whole system is designed to advantage who is connected and well equipped to avoid the law ?…..please dont listen to him , listen to all the italians who escape from the drunk italian Leviatan (goverment)ahhahahah

  7. Intriguing video, am fortunate to have invested with a professional broker Mrs Esther Lawrence during the past covid-19 pandemic which has birthed multiple streams of income for me today.

  8. I've been in Italy already for 6 years and let me tell you it as been a pain in the ass sadly too late to get out of here, there are a lot of taxes and with big percentages also the bureaucracy is extremely annoying, that's why my italian born friends have hidden accounts in other countries so if you are planning in coming get ready to do "side-works", Italy is only beautiful for in the movies and for staying a couple of weeks thats it, listen to this guy there are better options.

  9. Italy is not stable the gov is messy n old population does not make a biz but for old fox retirement it’s PERFECT 👌plus ITALY TAXES ARE 60 % Nit a good biz

  10. HI , I'm starting a business online, I'm Italian and I live in Spain , here they want to corporate spending more or less € 4500 to have all completed , plus €300 per month they call social security , for pension and health cure , I find it a lot as the majority of startup fail after the first year, I was thinking to open a company in UK or any other country where make you the life easier , I'm against on avoiding to pay taxes , but it should be measured . I'm 57 and I'm reinvent myself with a little project online that I believe has good potential , but before my beliefs , there is a reality to face , I want to ask to those countries that don't let people starting up with low budget , why…? what you suggest ?

  11. Most young people in the USA and Canada live paycheck to paycheck . Unless you inherited a large sum of money I don’t see this possible until early 40s withought debt . But it seems like young people are targeted for debt .

  12. In Australia if you buy $5 m of property here you get Australian citizenship … that's why house prices in Sydney or Melbourne are silly high and we have a lot of chi knees laundering their money.


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