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I Got Bad News for My Green Card!

Here’s a quick update about my green card.

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  1. Hi sorry highly confused, 2017 GC priority for date how did they call so early? I thought priority date 2009 in processing right? Is it EB1 category or something? Thanks

  2. Yudi bhai, your green card interview got cancelled and I recently read an article mentioning that that USCIS has started delivering emails with rescheduled appointments. Have you received your rescheduled appointment or can you validate the authenticity of this information?

    I am interested in knowing this as I am waiting for the Consulates to open in India for my F1 visa interview. If they have started rescheduling appointments in the US, then perhaps by the end of this month, we here in India hope for the US Consulates to open.

  3. plz go back to india-money doesnt work in USA. ur Indian money made u come to us and study.START a work in India and give work to pl.Any way be careful from being deported.

  4. Hey Yudi, awesome video I am sure this will be a big motivation for those going thru similar thing like you. I love your positive spirit keep it up my dear. You've got a long way to go you've reached till there you will get thru.Before your video could end I looked at your face and looked at the almighty & prayed for you I requested the big boss to get your work done. Stay blessed👍

  5. You are doing great job……….I was given your are reference by my nephew, as he plans to come to US for studies in coming years. He watches your every vlog diligently.

    But please don't give false impressions on wait time and Green Card processing especially for India born citizens. You faintly mention about complexity of GC process and employer sponsoring GC.
    I am assuming you are not going for employment Bbsed GC or you were not born in India. Please provide a clearer picture especially for watchers like my nephew, who get false understanding…….on how long it takes to get GC or for an average Indian student to go from F1 to H1 to GC.

    What can I say……no matter how much I try to explain to them, vloggers like you hold much better sway on their decision making process. Otherwise they get won't get correct picture of real struggle that is involved. I am not trying to be judgmental here, the conclusion they are making seeing your video, come on F1 after two years get the H1b, and another 3-6 years get GC ….wow!! What the heck all Indians living in US complain about immigration so much.

  6. Hii bro am from tamilnadu ..intreseted to study Ms in states….can u tell me by which consultancy did u gone…refer me some affordable university….and which University u studied…I hope u will see this

  7. "Trust in the lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take" – Proverbs 3, Bible
    I am so encouraged by your boldness to share where you find peace in this situation. Covid-19, visa issues, these are not the only problems that life will throw at us. I am so glad that we find comfort in God during such times. I don't know what I would do without him.

  8. if you are indian born, by your h1b visa timeline, this has got to be a marriage grencard. another point is, you should be using your ead card right now and not your h1b. if you are non-indian , it can be a eb2/eb3 gc


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